Save Facebook video – the crucial skill of content reuse

This year, by downloading videos from Facebook, you can significantly improve the content that you promote on Instagram. No matter what topic your account is about – whether you sell things, goods, or services, Facebook contains a huge amount of valuable clips that you can download.

In order to get a clip via a FB video downloader, you just need to explore the rich content library – Gaming, Watch, and just videos from the feed. We also advise you to subscribe to Facebook groups that produce content that can attract your target audience. By the way, to spend as little time as possible not only on creating content but also to attract new followers, bots for Instagram can be used – this technique will allow you to attract as many targeted clients as possible to your account and to expand your content reach. 

At the same time, you will be more likely to be found from the Explore page and your content will appear more often in the feeds of potential subscribers. Even reused Facebook content can attract a quality audience that will become your customers if you do business on Instagram.

Facebook is also a source of content that users on Instagram love – this is Live streams. You can download any Stream and then process it in a video editing program. Then you can share this fragment in stories or Reels. If you think that downloading videos from Facebook is difficult and to do this you need to be a hacker, this is a complete lie – for download, you will need a link, and all tools work according to the same scheme. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How to save Facebook video in 2 minutes

  • First of all, find the post you want to download. Facebook is an application that is updated frequently, so if you want to copy a link from an application, it may take you a few minutes to find the copy link menu. However, at the moment this button is in the Share menu item. That is, if you want to share, click on the arrow, and there you would see the menu item Copy link.
  • When the URL is on the clipboard, go to the downloader. Paste the link into the search bar and click on the button Search or Download. After that, you have to wait a bit and on the screen, you will see the clip you want. Sometimes it’s challenging to find the right video from the first time – then try to search again.
  • Click on download and get the video in original quality on your device.

The advantage of using downloaders over capturing screen videos is that all episodes are saved in the quality in which they are uploaded to the social network. That is, it is necessary if you want to re-upload content to other social networks. When posting, Instagram and other social networks, the system compresses the quality to make the record upload faster. 

The point is that the content manager must necessarily have downloaders for different types of content in the arsenal. Also, you can scrape videos and content from other popular social networks TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and so on. Any public video can be saved in high quality and reused – the whole clip or the funniest and most engaging part to create a meme for your audience.


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