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Simple Technology Solutions For Daily Challenges

Whether you’ve been working in an office for years, or have recently had to adapt to working from home and staring at a screen all day, there are methods to make your experience much more pleasant. 

Spending hour on end straining our eyes and bodies can take a toll on the time we spend away from work. Luckily, there are simple solutions to help not only your time on-screen but off-screen as well much more bearable. 

Don’t let working from home or from an office affect your downtime anymore, it’s time to find the right solution for you. 

Blue Light Glasses 

If you spend hours on end staring at a screen, whether that be your computer screen, phone screen, or even Television – you’ve probably experienced some intense eyestrain. Interaction with screens is unavoidable in the 21st century, but there are options like blue light glasses that can help. Say goodbye to those pesky screen headaches. 

If you’re wondering how exactly these magical glasses work, well instead of blocking out the sun like sunglasses, blue light glasses block out blue and UV light that is transmitted through screens. They’re especially effective in the nighttime hours where screen time may put extra strain on your eyes. 

Have you ever had a terrible night’s sleep because your screen time leaked into the night hours? These glasses actually prevent that from happening and will help you get that beauty sleep you’ve been missing out on. 

Standing Desk 

We all know sitting for long periods of time isn’t the greatest for our health. Over the course of months or years sitting for hours on end can raise your risk of multiple health problems. The chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and blood pressure are extremely increased. 

However, there is a way around this. Whether or not you’re working from home or at the office, you can invest in a standing desk. You can buy them as a fully functioning desk that has the option of adjusting the height, or you can buy an add-on to your desk that allows you to elevate your computer. 

This will give your body variety throughout the day, without taking away from your work to do your hourly walk around.

Standing desks have been attributed to reducing your risk of obesity, normalizing your blood sugar, reduces back pain, reduces chances of heart disease and stroke, keeps your energy and mood high, and is even tied to better productivity. Who knew a new desk was what we all needed to impress our boss. 

Posture Vest 

Not only does sitting at a computer all day affect your vision, but it also is detrimental to your posture. Not only will your posture visibly deteriorate, but it can also cause strain and pain on your body. 

An easy fix to this is to make sure your posture is aligned while working. Instead of relying on your memory to sit up straight, it may be smart to invest in a posture vest. 

You can find a posture vest quite easily, they’re even offered on Amazon at an inexpensive rate. You start out by wearing the vest for a half-hour period and eventually work your way up to extended periods of time. 

These are known to have amazing results but always be sure to read the instructions to ensure you’re using the product properly and not causing further stress on your body. 

Under-Desk Exercise Machine

We’ve talked about the option to stand while working at your computer, but what if told you there was a way to exercise while you type up your documents at work? Let us present to you – the under desk exercise machine. 

These devices are compact and fit beneath almost any size desk. They work similarly to an elliptical, without the arm handles. That way you can sit comfortably while working and exercising at the same time. Running short on gym time? That won’t be a problem anymore because this is multitasking at its finest. Think about all the time you would save. 

There are also treadmill desks. These are exactly what they sound like – a treadmill with a desk up top. 

Take Your Day To Another Level 

Never let technology get in your way again. Just remember that there are plenty of methods to get you through to the other side. The use of screens may be inevitable the side effects are definitely preventable. Just a reminder to make sure to read the guidelines for any new products you decide to use. 

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