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Smoking Culture: A Lifestyle or a Fashion Symbol

The smoking culture became part of society ages ago in more than one way. People took it up as a fashion statement, status symbol, habit, addiction, lifestyle, and whatnot. Some even considered it a dominating feature of personality, so they got drawn towards it to mark their territory. But all this served to prove its popularity.

Over the years, tech made the transition of this activity possible with the help of vaping devices. People were already fascinated with the concept of smoking, so it was the perfect opportunity to take things to the next level. Companies seized this moment by feeding the desires of consumers a more lasting solution. Hence, they introduced vaping as the evolution of smoking to this world and rode its fame to succeed.

The progress of vaping is an unrelated but equally interesting subject of discussion. Creators thought of making it more than just blowing puffs of smoke. They worked on different flavors’ ideas and made adjustments to the nicotine level to make them unique. These things gave consumers several reasons to shift their attention away from cigarettes and try this alternative.

Even today, many individuals choose to vape over other options to satisfy their urges. They have their reasons and motivations that have led them towards adopting this culture. Several aspects of their practices can help identify this as a lifestyle or a fashion symbol, but that’s the extent of grounds you can scope with this information.

Here are some features to look out for as you try and draw a line between the two sides defending their stance. It should help you differentiate between the kind of company that you keep in the vaping community.

Vaping as a Fashion Symbol

     1. Vape Models & Distributing Stores

While vaping may be a smoking activity, but not everyone is in it for the same reason. It has inspired teens, and brands are hiring models to promote their products. These individuals walk the ramp with vape as a prop to pique the interest of their audiences. Sellers use this to get the word across about the unique flavors, devices, and other accessories. Since the models belong to the same age groups, the young generation can easily accept it as a trend worth adopting.

Alternatively, entrepreneurs can also notice the massive selling market for vaping products and accessories. They can step into the game with their merchandise and start capitalizing on this opportunity. That’s another reason for them to become proponents of vape and promote it as a fashion symbol.

     2. Exotic Package of Vaping Accessories

Some people are into vaping not because they love the feel but because they dig the package that comes along. The world of vaping has advanced, and there are different impressive wearables and holders and pockets. The enthusiasts love to show off these items whenever they get a chance.

Besides, it adds significant weight to whatever they are wearing. However, it is easy to spot an individual vaping because of the accessories. They can also con others to believe them about their opinions regarding vaping with this stuff. All these possibilities make this activity more of a fashion symbol than a casual lifestyle that people choose to practice.

     3. Promoting the Vape Culture

There is also a faction that promotes the culture of vaping in the community. This group is responsible for promoting its easy accessibility and marketing its many perks to the consumers. They do this with runway shows that inform people of the latest trend in the vaping community. These exhibitions cover not just vaping devices and accessories but also the clothing that complements it.

Their main objective is to educate others about it and let them try it for themselves instead of trusting someone’s word. That increases the chances of people joining this community and become passionate about vaping. Thus, making it more a fashion symbol than a lifestyle that you wear every day.

Vaping as a Lifestyle

     4. Enjoying the Upside of Vaping

The other kind of audience is into vaping purely to enjoy its many pleasures. They are not doing it to make any societal impact or ulterior motive, but it’s fun. It might be possible that they are trying it as an alternative to smoking or for the sake of quitting altogether. In any case, their motives get driven by their urges and not by some sharp thinking.

Since vaping allows you to adjust your nicotine intake, it’s not as harmful as smoking. Besides, you don’t have to worry about putting it off or completing it every time you need to smoke. So people prefer the idea of vape devices over cigarettes.

Plus, its flavors enhance the experience and raises its impact. That’s another factor that makes e-cigs a part of their casual lifestyle.

     5. Tasteful Vaping

Unlike the people consumed with every new addition to the shelf, the vaping lifestyle helps set some standards. Over time, you become particular about your flavors and the kind of devices that you use. These choices not just represent your mood but also induce specific emotions in your head. It indicates that each one of these means more to you than being a random pick of the day. That’s why it feels difficult to abandon them and move on.

People that have this kind of connection with their stash are into tasteful vaping. They are hard to sway and would continue with their practices for ages. That makes it more of a lifestyle than a fashion symbol, which you can swap with every new collection.

     6. Competitive Vaping

Those who have adopted vaping as a lifestyle take pride in putting their skills to the test. They face-off against other members of the community to see who is better in official championships. These competitions have players coming in from different places to test their abilities. So, the bigger the stage you choose to compete on, the mightier the crowd you face.

These platforms don’t provide you with an opportunity to be sassy and classy with your choices. You have to be more focused and choose wisely from your options. And that’s only possible when you live the vaping lifestyle and not just wear it for the kicks.


These were some pointers that might help distinguish between people who vape. That should allow you to pick your side of the line and be more conscious of your motivations. Just remember to enjoy these moments and not let the details consume you, or you might start feeling overwhelmed by the weight.

Abdullah Hussain

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