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Soup Your Annual Reports with Calculator Soup


Soup Your Annual Reports with Calculator Soup

Calculator Soup

Summer is an annual report period for our company. Occasionally when I am putting together my bulleted list of achievements for all those accounts, I feel as if our significant wins become lost in the storyline. I recently turned into an online calculator soup to help me produce improved metrics to discuss our center’s annual wins.

Calculator SoupOne of our goals for this year was to improve involvement in our test training regime. We developed new webinars predicated on our customers’ opinions and increased the marketing of our coaching opportunities. Now that’s a remarkable increase, but the amounts sort of disappear in the paragraph, do not they? So I chose to bring a metric to draw focus to the finding: Our involvement rate rose 124 percent over the past year’s attendance. Is not”percent growth” a more straightforward and more eye-catching approach to express exactly the exact same achievement?

Doing this excess investigation appears to be straightforward, but it requires some time and provides me angst since it normally requires manual calculation. Then I must figure out the statistic. I then compute it, because I do not trust myself. I then compute it out of pure obsessiveness.

That is why I enjoy online calculators. After that, I allow the calculator soup perform the computation as it’s much more reliable than that I am when it comes to working numbers.

One of my favorite websites for internet calculators is ‘Calculator Soup’ since it’s so many. You might never use 90 percent of its own calculators, but who knows when you may have to calculate someone’s age in the birth date or convert times to hours. The calculators also reveal to you the specific measures in their own calculations. This permits you to look at their work. You are also able to find formulas which you can use in an Excel spreadsheet.

One word of advice: examine a calculator for precision before embracing it. For “Calculator Soup”, I will vouch for the percentage change along with the mean/median/mode calculator. Should I use any other people on that website, I will examine them well. I will make a simple problem I can fix manually and be certain my response matches with the calculators.

If you would like to find out what Calculator Soup offers, take a look at the calculator soup.


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