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Suicide Squad 2 New Title Along With A Release Date


Suicide Squad 2 New Title Along With A Release Date

Suicide Squad 2 Get A New Title Along With A Release Date

Regardless of Suicide Squad being among the greatest hits for its DC Extended Universe, we’ve spent the years since its release wondering if we’d be receiving a sequel – mostly because the franchise has not been big on record announcements. That changed in a significant way these days, however, as along with showing scheduling information for Matt Reeves’ The Batman (that will not celebrity Ben Affleck), it’s also been verified that Suicide Squad 2 – that is titled The Suicide Squad – will be coming out on August 6, 2021.

Suicide Squad 2 Get A New Title Along With A Release Date

News relating to this evolution stems in The Hollywood Reporter, that adds which Guardians of the Galaxy’s James Gunn – that became connected to the project last fall – is currently in talks to direct the movie. The transaction report adds that the project is much more of a”relaunch” than it’s a sequel, with Gunn with his chance in the helm of this movie to carve out another vision for the land than the one we watched out of writer/director David Ayer at summer of 2016.

Using its 2021 release date, The Suicide Squad is going to be among three DC attributes to be released annually, and it’s scheduled to be the next to hit theatres – most of them coming during precisely the exact same summer. The studio is currently preparing a DC Super-Pets film that’s going to arrive on May 21, 2021, and Matt Reeves’ The Batman was set for June 25, 2021. It is little surprise that The Suicide Squad is coming out in August since its predecessor did exactly the exact same thing and was able to earn $750 million globally.

James Gunn has a favorable history of his own together with the weekend since the initial Guardians of the Galaxy also came out at the very first week of August, and it pulled at almost $775 million internationally.

Even though James Gunn’s involvement with the DC Extended Universe has just formally existed for a couple months now, the filmmaker’s interest in this type of storytelling goes back a couple of years, because he voiced the presence of Suicide Squad presented him from working with Marvel to a Thunderbolts film – that is a name from the comic book company using a similar assumption to the DC real estate. He has his opportunity to tell the story of poor men doing great for bad motives, and in accordance with this brand new commerce report” the project is also very much rooted in Gunn’s vibe”

There’s a record of DC Extended Universe films beginning production up to two years ahead of a release date, so it is likely that we can watch The Suicide Squad gearing up for production prior to the end of the year. Clearly, we’ll be paying close attention to the growth of the project.


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