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Reasons Why You Should Take More Keto Chocolate Shake


Reasons Why You Should Take More Keto Chocolate Shake

Keto Chocolate Shake

Ketogenic diets work effectively for people looking to lose weight. They are also known to lower risk factors for diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and heart disease, among many others. Including keto chocolate shake in your diet adds more benefits to your diet as shown later in this article.

Unlike other commonly known diets, a keto diet will not provoke hunger pangs. It is a dieting method that is quite filling and you can lose a significant amount of weight without having to track your calorie intake. The high protein intake in keto benefits your metabolic health as well as your weight reduction. 

Advantages of incorporating Chocolate in Keto

Chocolate consumption is often prohibited in most weight-loss diets. But keto is quite unique because it allows you to use chocolate – particularly dark chocolate. You may be asking ‘why dark chocolate’? It is because dark chocolate has more than 70% of cocoa solids, meaning that the body will receive plenty of antioxidant properties. Blueberries and acai berries are the commonly known antioxidant sources.

What Constitutes Dark Chocolate?

Dark chocolate has flavonols, which are known for maintaining artery health and reducing the blood pressure as well as the risk of heart disease.

 Keto Chocolate Shake

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An ounce of dark chocolate, which is 70-85% processed cacao, contains 10 grams of net carbs compared to a similar amount of 100% cacao (unsweetened chocolate) that constitutes three grams of net carbs. 

This means that your body can benefit significantly if you incorporate chocolate into your daily diet. Keto nutritionists found a better way of consuming chocolate – by making a chocolate shake. 

The Keto Chocolate Shake Recipe

A keto chocolate shake can meet your macronutrient needs if you get the ingredients correct. The following recipe is a dairy-free recipe with a variety of nutrients and plenty of healthy fats.

The ingredients include:

  • Half a cup of full-fat coconut milk or heavy cream
  • One to two tablespoons cocoa powder
  • Half avocado medium size to add some taste
  • A pinch of salt
  • Half a teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Two to four tablespoons of sweetener
  • Water as required
  • MCT oil, hemp hearts, chia seeds, collagen peptides and mint extracts (optional)
 Keto Chocolate Shake

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Here’s how to prepare the shake:

Add cacao powder, vanilla extract, coconut milk, salt, and the optional ingredients into the blender.

Blend using the bullet setting until the mixture is creamy smooth. To get your preferred thickness, add some water. Then add ice and blend again to get a thick, creamy shake. Do not over blend and make the shake lose its thickness.

Benefits of Keto Chocolate Shake to Your Health

Apart from providing antioxidants to the body, chocolate shake offers many more benefits to your health including:

High Nutrition

100 grams of dark chocolate has 70% – 85% cocoa content with the nutrients below:

  • 11 grams of fiber
  • 58% of the recommended daily intake for magnesium
  • 67% of the recommended daily intake for iron
  • 89% of the recommended daily intake for copper and
  • 98% of the recommended daily intake of manganese

However, you are advised to take the keto chocolate shake in moderate amounts because dark chocolate is known to have plenty of calories and some sugar. For example, 100 grams of dark chocolate constitutes 600 calories.

Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

The various studies conducted before have shown that dark chocolate can help to reduce cholesterol in the arteries which in turn lowers the risk of getting heart disease.

Lowers Blood Pressure While Improving the Blood Flow

The flavonols in dark chocolate can stimulate nitric oxide production in the lining of the artery. When this happens, the artery will remain relaxed and improve the blood flow, making the blood pressure to drop.

Stimulates brain function

Several studies have discovered that continuous consumption of high flavonol in dark chocolate for five consecutive days will improve blood flow to one’s brain. Cacao is also helpful in improving the cognitive function of old adults who have mental impairment.

Protects Skin against UV Radiation

Dark chocolate has bioactive compounds that can protect the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. The flavonols also help to improve the hydration of the skin, blood flow to the skin and also the skin density.

Benefits of avocado and vanilla extracts

Avocados have monounsaturated fatty acids that are heart-healthy. They also contain high potassium, fiber and the healthy fats needed for ketosis. They can lower cholesterol levels and triglyceride. 

Vanilla extracts are helpful in improving hair growth, treating acne, preventing chronic diseases, protecting the heart and reducing inflammation, among many other benefits.


You have many reasons to include the keto chocolate shake in your daily diet. The ingredients of this shake provide all the nutrients needed to keep the body in ketosis. Remember to use dark chocolate or 100% cacao powder with a high content of cocoa for best results.


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