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The Best Games to Survive Your Quarantine

This Covid-19 pandemic which places us all in a more or less forced quarantine does not have only bad sides. If you are a gamer with even a little support, you have already taken a certain lead. Let us present to you our more or less recent favorites to pass this period of lockdown in peace.

Here’s a great little indie game for Nintendo Switch. This is an arena shoot’em up with enemies coming all over the place, a bit like Geometry Wars. Rest assured, power-ups are also very common and you can change weapons quite regularly. Be careful not to touch the edges of the screen otherwise it is Game Over guaranteed.

It’s definitely the game of the moment. Imagine moving to an almost deserted island with a few friends and all the time you need to acclimatize. The aim of the game is to, relax and take a moment to listen to the sound of the flowing river, the sound of the wind in the trees. Plant some flowers next to your home. Gather fruit, catch some insects and catch some beautiful specimens. Enjoy relaxing music. 

A bit of multiplayer competition is also sweet in the world. If you feel like riddling your opponents with virtual bullets, then this is the game for you. It’s very well done, but also very addicting. The game of cat and mouse makes you want to continue. If you are a beginner, know that offline modes are available to allow you to practice before taking the plunge. Haven’t tried Rainbow Six Siege yet? You can look up for cheap R6 cd key and get your gameplay started.

The catalog is certainly not as extensive as that of the Wii Virtual Console, but there is still a good selection. Whether you fancy discovering new titles or digging into your memories, subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online is the best place to do it. Purists will rage, but the ability to save at any time or go back to avoid losing a life is fine with us. With this choice, the quarantine will pass very quickly.

The best of the series from EA. San Vanelona shows itself in a new light and it is full of spots of all kinds. Chain tricks, roam the city, take on the challenges and you won’t even see this quarantine period pass.

Whether on mobile, computer or any other platform, you are never going to stop playing this game. Playing multiplayer is the best way to show your skills to friends.  We are not going to complain about it. Players are also selling PUBG Mobile accounts because the game is that popular and everyone wants to get an edge.

We were obliged to place this game whose title means “quarantine” but on the other hand, nothing to do with the coronavirus. Here, we play a taxi driver in a post-apocalyptic Mad Max-style world. Why? Because it is possible to arm your tank with submachine guns and missile launchers to eliminate your competitors while guiding a customer to his destination as if nothing had happened. Be careful though, to play it you will need either a very old PC or a 3DO. It’s not some heavy game but for the joke we wanted to place it!

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