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The Best Products for Your Pet in 2021

Did you know that 67% of U.S. households have a pet?

For many of us, our pets are indisputable members of our family. Like any other family member, we spend money on them to keep them happy and well.

If you’re looking for a new year’s gift for your beloved pet, you may be wondering what to buy. Should you be searching for a toy? Would something more practical be better?

We’re here to fill you in! Keep reading below to learn about 5 pet products to get for your own pet in 2021.

     1. Stainless Steel Brush

If your pet’s fur is prone to matting, a stainless steel brush is an ideal solution. A stainless steel brush has fine teeth and is perfect for detangling matted fur. The fine teeth are more effective than wider brushes because they can reach your pet’s undercoat.

It can also pick up loose fur that traditional brushes only skim over. This will prevent future matting, and you’ll keep fur from shedding all over your clothes, carpets, and furniture.

     2. CBD Products

As CBD crops up in everything from makeup to candy, the emergence of pet CBD products should come as no surprise.

CBD oil is perhaps one of the most popular CBD pet products these days, and it can be helpful in easing anxiety, inflammation, and joint pains. You can also find CBD in pet treats, infused in toys, and even traditional food.

CBD products can be great for treating ailments, but be sure to consult with your veterinarian before purchasing any products.

      3. Air Purifier

Air purifiers aren’t just for the humans in your home. While they can be helpful to combat the build-up of pet hair in homes, they can actually improve your pet’s health as well.

Air purifiers are perfect for animals that may be sensitive to odors or suffer from allergies. If your home is dry and leads to leaky pet eyes or noses, a purifier can also be beneficial.

     4. Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Do your part to take care of your precious pet and the environment at the same time! It’s time to start investing in eco-friendly toys.

You can find green toys for every animal, and they’re the superior choice. Eco-friendly toys are made from all-natural materials, so your animals won’t be at risk of chewing on harmful plastics and chemicals while they play.

     5. Oral Hygiene Chews

It can be difficult to ensure your furry friend’s teeth are clean and healthy. Let’s face it—most of our pets aren’t eager to have their teeth brushed.

However, some animals do struggle with oral hygiene regardless. It can be tricky to treat this at home, and it can be expensive to go in for routine cleanings at the veterinarian.

Oral hygiene chews are perfect for animals suffering from poor oral hygiene. They’re formulated much like treats, so your pet won’t shy away from them. Oral hygiene chews help to break away plaque build-up, as well as prevent bacteria build-up and bad breath.

Celebrating 2021 with Your Furry Friends

It’s never too late to ring in the new year by treating your pets to some new toys and tools to keep them healthy and happy. Make 2021 special for both you and your furry friends with a selection of the pet products above!

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