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The Best Software Tools for Social Media Marketing

Social media is now an accepted part of any successful digital marketing strategy. Social media marketing has the power to help businesses expand brand awareness, boost sales and increase customer loyalty. However, in order for a business to actually experience the potential benefits of social media marketing, they need to implement an effective campaign. Implementing a successful social media marketing campaign can be complex and time-consuming, but there are software tools that can help make this process much easier.

Post Tracking Tools

Software like Buffer is a great resource when it comes to managing your upcoming social media marketing campaign. Through Buffer, you can post on a social media platform and analyze the results. The site allows you to track real-time analytics so that you can instantly ascertain the impact of a post.

You can also use the software to compare different posts and pieces of content to see which yielded a higher engagement rate. Having this information at hand will help you to create more successful content in the future, as you better understand what your audience engages with.

Imaging Tools

In order for your social media marketing to be successful, it needs a high rate of engagement. One of the most powerful ways to increase your engagement rates is to use a combination of images, text and videos in your posts. Research has found that content with relevant images get 94% more views than content without relevant images.

Canva is a fantastic resource that can help you to simplify the process of finding images for your social media posts. Not only does it help you to find images that you can use in your campaigns, but Canva also offers templates to help you to organize texts and images to make the most engaging post.

Translation Localization Software

If you are running an international business, then you will likely have a number of social media accounts, all of which in different languages and with different locations they focus on. Using translation localization software is the most effective way of managing foreign-language content.

Translation localization is aimed at making the content feel “local,” which means that it is culturally and country-specific. Your translation and localization software will help you make changes to spelling, phrasing, formatting and emojis to make sure your content is as effective as possible. You can check the best chrome extensions for social media.

Automation Software

Platforms like Hubspot offer some useful social media automation tools that can help you to save time when managing your upcoming campaign. The software allows you to schedule posts, monitor mentions that can be used in conjunction with a range of other social media marketing tools. Everything on this software has been designed to help you to save time so that you can focus on engaging and connecting with your customers and your audience on social media.

Using automation tools can help you to ensure that your content schedule is not dependent on human interaction. This means that you will have more time and resources to focus on building connections and planning for the future.


Naveen is a Digital Marketer at Webcube360. She has been blogging for several years and helping small business owners with her amazing marketing skills and knowledge.

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