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The Canadian High Arctic: Where Your Next Adventure Awaits

There is no time like to present to start planning your next great vacation escape. Embrace the most amazing adventure as you embark through sea and ice to the Canadian High Arctic. This rarely visited landscape is must see for all who love to explore soaring cliffs, spectacular glacial formations and breathtaking alpine vistas. Grab your parka and get ready for an unrivalled polar experience!

Astounding Wildlife Viewing

Imagine changing your views of concrete buildings and congested traffic for magnificent wildlife that calls the forbidding region of the Canadian High Arctic home. Making the epic voyage to the top of the world is the best way how to see polar bears in Baffin Islands. You’ll want to bring your best camera and plenty of film because the iconic polar shares this rugged landscape with:

There is nothing quite like seeing wildlife in their natural habitat of towering granite cliffs, remote rocky shores and unending bodies of water. One thing is sure, your eyes will get a break from digital screens because nothing will beat this spectacular polar landscape.

Activities for the Ultimate Thrill

No adventure is complete without the option for heart pounding, adrenaline pumping activities. Afterall, what better way is there to make exciting memories that will last a lifetime? With that said, only in the Canadian High Arctic can you try thrilling polar activities, such as:

With each thrill comes tranquility as you listen close to the call of seabirds or the lapping of waves against the rocky shore. These unbelievable polar activities are well worth embracing the Arctic elements to enjoy!

Embrace Inuit Culture

Embark on a journey to learn the wonders of the Inuit culture first-hand. Visit the largest Inuit community on Ellesmere Island,with a mere 129 people that call the coldest inhabited place on the planet home. You’ll want to dress extra warm because the annual average temperature is a startling minus 16.5 degrees Celsius!

Then experience life where the Inuit call Qausuittuq, a “place with no dawn”, because of the long winter nights. Don’t let the lengthy hours of darkened sky deter you, this prime location along the Northwest Passage offers excellent wildlife viewing in its surrounding regions, much of it in Tupirvik Territorial Park.

Best of all, visit Dorset Island at the southern tip of Baffin Island to bring a piece of Inuit culture home. Famously known as the Inuit art capital of the world, warm up by doing some shopping for exquisite Inuit artwork, one-of-a-kind crafts and stunning jewellery.

What are you waiting for? Your Canadian High Arctic adventure awaits!

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