The Ideal One-Day Road Trip Schedule To Somerset

Somerset is a lovely country with buttery stone, adorable hamlets, and many old homes. Country pubs, authentic regional cuisine, and the surrounding countryside make it the ideal getaway from the stress of contemporary life. 

The optimum time to travel on this trip is on a bright, clear day when the light is optimal, and all sights can get viewed from a great distance. Here is a one-day schedule for the Somerset road trip!

All About The Road Trip To Somerset

This journey through Somerset in the summer should get taken during the week when you want to escape the crowds. Or, for the best experience, travel in Europe during the lean months, such as late spring or early fall, when there is significantly less traffic.

There are a variety of sights to see and appreciate along the route. It costs money to enter Lytes Cary if you’re not a National Trust member, although Glastonbury and Burrow Mump’s medieval cathedrals are free to join. Though it does err on the pricey side, Somerset’s cuisine is excellent.

Places That You Must Visit During Your Trip

  • Chard

In addition to being the name of a verdant vegetable, chard is also the title of Somerset’s tallest town, which is only a few minutes from Devon’s border. Other notable features of the area include a town memorial and plenty of verdant countryside. It is thought that this town was the original home of jet aircraft during the Victorian era.

  • Hinton St. George

Hinton St. George is a beautiful return to the past for those seeking the essence of Somerset. The tiny village offers few attractions—it is a community stuck in the past. However, Hinton St. George compensates for what it lacks in amenities with attractive facades and a charm uncommon in today’s bustling world.

  • Lytes Cary

The Lyte family’s former residence was Lytes Cary. The lovely mansion’s name is a mix of the names of the family that owned the land for more than 400 years and of a local river with the title “Cary.”

The National Trust owns and maintains the property, which features a 14th-century church, Arts and Crafts-inspired landscapes, and other features. In the spring, summer, and fall, the manor is accessible every day.

  • Kingweston

Kingweston is a small village with little to see, so it only warrants a brief stop during this long Somerset drive. Its main draw is its magnificent church. The church was constructed in the middle of the 19th century, and it is bordered by rowanberry plants and has a tall spire that can be seen from miles away across the flat countryside.

The Domesday Book refers to the community as Chinwardestune, and owing to its high location; it provides breathtaking views of the lush fields that encircle Kingweston. It’s even feasible to view as far as Glastonbury on a bright day!

Summing Up

This county is renowned for its enormous Georgian buildings. There are many picturesque roads, stunning vistas, and breathtaking landscapes to discover and experience in Somerset. We have discussed the top Somerset tourist attractions you must see to make a Somerset road trip there worthwhile.

James Vines

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