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The Importance of Cleaning Your Crawl Space

Most homeowners tend to avoid their crawl spaces, let alone cleaning them. That’s why they often become dirty, musty, pest-infested, and undesirable places. In the long run, the effects of ignoring your crawl space are felt all over your house.


It is true that cleaning a crawl space is not an enjoyable task, but have you considered the consequences of leaving it unattended? It is important to have the place cleaned to prevent the spread of diseases and have a clean environment around your home.


Here are some of the reasons why it is important to have your crawl space cleaned:


To prevent mold


Mold can be a source of diseases in our homes if left untreated. It is even worse for people with allergies as they are very sensitive to mold because it makes them more susceptible to various health issues. Since mold grows in places where there is dead matter and moisture, crawl spaces present a perfect breeding environment for them.


Unfortunately, many people live in houses that have open vented crawl spaces. The vents usually lead in and out air from the crawl spaces right from the foundation. Although the original purpose was to allow in fresh air, mold can invade the space and do the opposite of the original intentions.


The best thing to do is to ensure that your crawl spaces are always clean to allow clean air to circulate. Leaving the place dusty and untidy will turn it into a health hazard for you and your family.


Efficient use of energy


Poorly maintained or damaged insulations within crawl spaces can let in water, more heat, or even cold in the room. In case there is water leakage, there is a higher chance of your property getting damaged as well as the growth of mold around that particular area.


You can also experience problems during hot or cold seasons since your air conditioner won’t be able to function properly.


You need to ensure that nothing interferes with the insulation in your house to allow the AC to operate optimally. The best way to achieve this is by ensuring that your crawl space is always clean.


Prevent infestation


Infestation can be the worst nightmare for any homeowner. Different kinds of insects and wildlife can create their nests and homes in your crawl spaces if you leave them unattended. By the time you realize, the situation may be out of control.


It will cost you a lot of money to get them out and disinfect the whole place. Taking precautions to prevent insects and animals from invading your crawl spaces is much better.


Mice and rats can easily squeeze tiny spaces. That’s why it is important to regularly check your vents since they do wear out with time.


Eliminate dampness


Your crawl space is bound to have plenty of water and moisture. Whenever it rains, water can enter through the vents and stagnate without your knowledge. This will definitely lead to dampness and increased moisture levels.


Cleaning crawl spaces will help in clearing any stagnant water as well as reduce moisture levels around your house.


Protect the structural integrity of your house


High moisture levels and stagnant water in crawl spaces not only cause mold problems but also affect the structural integrity of a house. Mold can easily trigger wood rot (the main support system in the crawl space) and pave way for termites to do further destruction.


Additionally, water can cause cracks in the foundation walls as well as rusting of drainage pipes. Always keep an eye at your crawl space to ensure that it is clean and avoid compromising the integrity of your house.


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