The most important smartphone accessories

Anyone who buys one of today’s latest smartphones for several hundred euros should also have the right accessories to protect the device from possible dangers in everyday life. Besides great sports betting apps that you can compare on sites like there are other great things you can do with your smartphone. Here, we briefly explain which products are advisable to get, which product groups improve the look a bit, protect the smartphone or simply make everyday life easier. This article does not claim to be complete.


A cover, a case or a flip cover are the least you can offer your expensive smartphone in terms of protection. One protects against coarse dirt and dust and can also prevent the worst in the event of a fall of the smartphone. These covers are available in all sorts of colors, shapes, materials and formations, and they also look really chic.


Despite the increasingly powerful batteries, it can happily happen that the charging bar sinks towards the basement during a long day. In these cases, a good power bank, perhaps even with a fast charging function, can save the day. The latest of these mobile charging stations can even fully charge a smartphone several times and have great features like a flashlight or similar. Most also have multiple USB ports built in, so friends can also charge their smartphone if necessary. Better to have too much power with you than none at all.

Display protection film

A screen protector can protect the display as well as the smartphone’s screen from scratches and cracks, which minimizes the risk of an expensive repair in case of a fall. However, the choice should be made carefully and you should not save money, because the market is sometimes flooded with films of inferior quality. Alternatively, so-called bulletproof glass films are available for a bit more money. These are considerably thicker than the conventional screen protectors, but can also withstand much more. New smartphones are even foldable.


If you are alone on the road and don’t have a good book at hand, you can get bored very quickly. However, if you have equipped yourself with good headphones or in-ear plugs, boredom doesn’t stand a chance on the road and you can listen to your favorite songs anytime and anywhere without possibly disturbing or inconveniencing others present. Some of the big manufacturers already deliver headphones with the smartphone, but there are already high-quality headphones for little money, which also look top and give a good image. However, it is advisable in any case not to start singing along loud…


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