The Most Useful Degrees Out There

You’ve probably clicked on this article because you are looking for a degree that will help you to get the best head-start in your career, whether you are looking to take part in an activity that you love, or you want to make as much money as possible in order to have a comfortable life. Thankfully for you, this guide has a good overview of the types of degrees that can be very useful for personal advancement. Read the article that has been written below now in order to learn all about it.


Expected Starting Graduate Salary: $93,000

Types of Careers Available: Auditor, Actuary, Accountant, Data Analyst, Economist, Computer Programmer

A math degree teaches you some of the most important fundamentals about the way we interact with the world, giving you a strong understanding that can be used to find you a whole series of different careers. You can enhance your skills for your college career or professional career with online math courses from Straighterline.


Expected Starting Graduate Salary: $72,500

Types of Careers Available: Banker, Hedge Fund Manager, Investment Advisor, Accountant, Business Manager

If you are interested in working with numbers, managing money and creating opportunities, then a finance degree might be the right one for you. Due to the fact that of much of the corporate world and culture at large does revolve around finance in one form or another, a finance degree can easily help you to get a foothold into a whole host of careers.


Expected Starting Graduate Salary: $75,000

Types of Careers Available: Electrical, Architectural, Civil, Mechanical

As engineering, split in to the four different strands as outlined above, requires a lot of complex understanding and hard work, the reward from the degree can be quite substantial. It’s worth doing some research to see if engineering could be the right type of degree for you. Just don’t expect to be able to hit the ground running straight away, as an engineering degree can take a fair amount of time to complete.


Expected Starting Graduate Salary: $57,500

Types of Careers Available: Copywriter, Journalist, Publisher, Critic, Novelist, Advertiser

While a literature degree will give you one of the lowest salaries available on this list, it can still be a very useful degree because of all the different careers that you can go into. Due to the fact that a literature degree is very wide-ranging, constantly adapting to the culture at large, and forces you to make interesting comparisons between different, disparate works, this can help you thrive in the modern workplace.


Expected Starting Graduate Salary: $60,000

Types of Careers Available: Politician, Analyst, Consultant, Lawyer, Campaign Manager

Politics degrees deal with the real world and the many different difficulties that come with it, meaning that once you have this qualification, you can expect to be able to move into and through a whole host of different industries. If you want to be a successful politician, however, it might be worth combining politics with philosophy and economics, especially considering the amount of people in modern politics who happen to have studied this degree.


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