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For your photos to achieve a more visual appeal, you need to incorporate a more aesthetically pleasing or professional-looking background.

Initiating a manual process as a background generator will help you implement a potentially more intricate design, but you will need to sacrifice your efficiency, which is why using an AI background generator is a must-have.

But what are the qualities that you will need to choose an AI background generator?

The proliferation of digitalization provides you with a diverse range of options and each one is beneficial in your pursuit of achieving a more pronounced background. Here is what you need to look for.

The Best AI Background Generator – insMind

An AI photo background generator leverages artificial intelligence to allow users to customize the background of their photos without the heavy lifting.

AI background generators are capable of the following:

● Transforming, or removing, the background of your photo

● Provides a variety of editing options

● Easy to use

Incorporating an AI background changer should provide you with pleasing results such as:

● Enhancement of your brands and photos

● Improve the quality of the image

● Create a realistic background

● Capture attention due to aesthetic designs

insMind AI background generator has all of these qualities and more. Our sophisticated and free AI background generator can meet your photo editing needs, along with these specific capabilities:

● Modification of the separation of the subject from the background

● Improve outline or repurposing shadows

● Removal of other details

● Adjust contrast and other photo setting

● Improve the clarity of the subject or the entire photo

These features along with its user-friendly interface make it one of the most perfect AI background generators that can be used by different people of different backgrounds.

To prove how easy it is to use insMind, here is how you can improve the quality of your photos and incorporate a background change using its unique features.

How to AI Generate Your Background Using insMind Step-by-Step

Here is how you can use InsMind and its AI background generator

Step 1. Upload a Photo

Go to insMind AI background page, and click the “Upload a photo” button. You can then choose the photo from your device.

Step 2. Genarate Backgrounds with AI

Once selected, you can choose from the list of AI backgrounds generated. Note: Due to its machine learning capabilities, the AI system will automatically generate some of the most ideal backgrounds that are compatible with your subject.

Step 3. Make Further Editing to Your Photo

To incorporate more enhancement to your photo, you can also click on the AI icon once you click on the subject of the photo and make some changes.

In this part, you can either modify the separation of the subject from the background by using Edit Cutout. Provide enhancements and details on the subject by editing its Shadows. Remove some details by using Magic Eraser or AI Replace. Adjust its brightness and contrast through an AI filter. Upgrade the quality of the photo via AI Image Enhancer, or resize the subject with AI Expand Image.

You can initiate a more intricate design or utilize the other features that are present on the left toolbar.

More from insMind’s AI Background Generator

Besides its photo background generator and AI capabilities, insMind offers one of the most advanced photo editing software capable of providing everything that you will require in your photo editing tasks.

insMind is capable of the following:

● Replacing, Changing, and/or Removing the Background of your subject

● Delete any unwanted objects in your photo

● Improve photo quality

● Expand, minimize photo size

insMind is also capable of resizing your images for your social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook, and Shopify for business owners.

It can also offer a thumbnail resizer that guarantees perfect fit and quality results that you can use for your YouTube channel.

Just like other photo editing software, it is capable of converting images to JPG files.

insMind’s AI features along with its other capabilities make it a perfect tool for everyone who wants to edit their photos or designs without any professional intervention. Its comprehensive setup allows various users in different backgrounds or professions to use it.

Discover more about the general benefits of AI background changer, and what type of people can use it below.

Benefits of Using an AI Background Generator

Either for enhancing the visual appeal of your images or improving brand consistency, an AI background generator can help you achieve a different set of objectives.

Let us explore further who can use AI background changers and the advantages they offer:


Photographers can use AI background changers to isolate the subject of their photos and apply other backgrounds.

Graphic Designers

It can help designers create more eye-catching materials, and help their clients develop more consistent branding.

Online Entrepreneurs

When it comes to product listings or creating catalogs and brochures, using an AI background generator can help present products with the utmost visual appeal.


AI background changers are instrumental in customizing backgrounds that influencers and content creators will find useful, especially in enhancing the visual appeal of their photos. Furthermore, it helps develop more professional-looking content that makes them appealing for brand collaborations.

Real Estate Marketers

Real estate can leverage AI background generators by enhancing property photos that help highlight the property’s key features.


Using an AI background generator or photo editing software can help develop clear visuals that are ideal for presenting educational content.


If you are looking for a free background generator with the capabilities of AI, then there is no other software that you can use that offers tons of features and benefits that can help you in this venture.

Its comprehensive interface eliminates the complexities of changing your photo background.

But if you want to use it for a more advanced level, you can always try our Pro Plan which helps you unlock more benefits.

Still unsure if it will be worth it?

That is fine, you still avail of our 7-day free trial to give you the time and the opportunity to test our products and see how they would suit you.

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