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The Ultimate Guide For Choosing a MEP Engineer

When it comes to construction projects, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) systems represent most of the project budget for component layout, renovations and infrastructure upgrades. To ensure high performing building systems, it is very important to choose the right MEP engineering firm for guaranteed project success that fits withing your technical and financial objectives. MEP engineers offer a variety of services, to obtain the best outcome for your building, you must first understand the service level you need. It is recommended to schedule an interview with the MEP engineering firm to discuss about the project needs before moving ahead.

To ensure you pick the right MEP engineering firm, lets dive into everything you need to know before you make a decision. This ultimate guide will provide you with a checklist which will help you understand the kind of services you need during the interview.

1) Talk to MEP Designers as well as Project Managers

2) Discuss Quality Management Process


3) Ask for Contractor Feedback

4) Discuss about Previous MEP Design Work with Frequent Clients


5) Ask for an Inspection for a Renovation Project


6) Discuss on Acceptable Level of Change Orders


7) Discuss Construction Administration Services After MEP Design


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