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These Are the Tools That Increase Factory Production: CMM Machines

When people say “technology” drives manufacturing, what exactly do they mean? While it’s not a household name, the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) has been a mainstay in North American factories for decades.

When competition unleashed by globalization threatened the supremacy and even the viability of North American manufacturing, CMM machines were there to improve the automation of quality control on assembly lines.

Performing such tasks more rapidly and more precisely than a human employee ever could, CMM machines reduced expenses and improved quality. Let’s check out how modern innovations have improved CMM machines even further.

Vision and Multisensor Systems

CMM machines measure the physical geometric characteristics of an object. When they first hit factory floors, the Bridge CMM machine was the most common one you’d find.

Bridge CMM machines are great for inspecting parts or pieces of a wide range in size, but Vision and Multisensor Systems are perfect for inspecting very small or fragile objects. Considering how many people today have smartphones, there’s a massive need for machines that perform quality control on microscopic parts.

Gantry CMM machines scan parts for spaceships and planes, whereas Vision and Multisensor systems are relied on for nanotechnology.

New Software

Known as Industry 4.0, machines that perform automation cannow communicate with each other and perform with even more efficiency. If a CMM machine has this software installed and there’s a malfunction, it can alert a machine further downstream on the assembly line.

Having a modern CMM machine and software training identifies breakdowns or malfunctions right awayand locates the source of the problem. Software that brings automation to automated equipment is a serious way to boost your factory’s productivity.

Training Your Employees

The people who work in your factories are the crucial cog that makes production happen, no matter how much automated metrology equipment you run. Ensure they’re trained with up to date knowledge.

Usually, the industry-leading retailers of new and used metrology equipment offer the best CMM machine and software training on the market. Look for a company that has been in operation for decades, as they tend to have the most expertise and be the most reliable.

Your factory employees can take e-courses from home on their own schedule. The best metrology businesses offer in-class lessons that allow students to get experience using CMM machines they’re likely to find in the workplace, but it’s safer to take at-home classes during COVID-19. Ensure you consult the opinion of leading medical experts before going to any indoor gathering — the metrology business won’t be open unless it’s safe. Still, it’s best to be extra cautious.

CMM machines were a crucial innovation, but this type of equipment has seen sizable improvements. From new machines that measure the smallest parts, modern software that helps to automate automation, and expert instruction from industry leaders, CMM machines are the tools that boost factory production.

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