Top 10 Wholesale Mobile and Smartphone Accessories (With Prices)

In the digital era, the smartphone has emerged as a necessity rather than a luxury. Consequently, the surge in demand for mobile and smartphone accessories has paved the way for a burgeoning market overflowing with innovative products that elevate the user experience. For retailers or business entrepreneurs, the wholesale smartphone accessories market beckons with promising prospects. This comprehensive guide showcases the top 10 wholesale mobile and smartphone accessories making waves in 2023, combining feature richness with competitive pricing to offer lucrative business opportunities.

1. Wireless Charging Pads

Estimated Price Range: INR 750 – 3750

In the era of wireless technology, wireless charging pads have become essential accessories. They facilitate smartphone charging devoid of messy cables, with Qi-certified options guaranteeing faster and safer charging.

2. Smartphone Cases and Covers

Estimated Price Range: INR 375 – 2250

Smartphone cases and covers are consistent bestsellers, offering protection against damages and a means to personalise the device. Options range from rugged cases to wallet cases with additional functionalities like card slots.

3. Screen Protectors

Estimated Price Range: INR 525 – 1500

To safeguard smartphones from scratches and cracks, protective screen protectors are indispensable. They are available in variants like tempered glass and film protectors, providing an extra defence layer to the device’s screen.

4.Mobile Gaming Accessories

Estimated Price Range: INR 750 – 7500

Gaming enthusiasts can find a range of mobile gaming accessories like gaming triggers, controllers, and joystick grips in the market. These accessories enhance gaming experiences by offering superior control and gameplay.

5. Portable Power Banks

Estimated Price Range: INR 1125 – 7500

Portable power banks are a boon for individuals constantly on the move, offering the reassurance of uninterrupted smartphone usage by preventing battery drain during crucial times.

6. Car Phone Mounts

Estimated Price Range: INR 750 – 3000

Car phone mounts are vital accessories for drivers, enabling hands-free navigation and call management. The market predominantly offers magnetic and clamp-based designs, ensuring stability and ease of use.

7. PopSockets and Phone Grips

Estimated Price Range: INR 375 – 1125

PopSockets and phone grips enhance the user’s hold on the phone, reducing the risk of accidental drops while adding a touch of personalization to the device.

8. Phone Camera Lens Attachments

Estimated Price Range: INR 1500 – 7500

For photography aficionados, phone camera lens attachments amplify the camera’s functionalities, fostering creativity and enabling professional-quality photography.

9. Bluetooth Earbuds

Estimated Price Range: INR 1500 – 15000

Bluetooth earbuds have become the go-to choice for music enthusiasts, offering wireless convenience and superior sound quality. The market features products from budget-friendly to premium ranges with noise cancellation and other advanced features.

10. Smartphone Stands and Holders

Estimated Price Range: INR 375 – 2250

Smartphone stands and holders are versatile accessories facilitating hands-free usage for activities like video calls, watching videos, or following a recipe online.

Navigating through 2023, the wholesale mobile and smartphone accessories market demonstrates robust growth, offering a diverse range of options to augment user experiences. The top 10 accessories listed here are not only trending but are also reasonably priced, paving the way for substantial business revenues.

James Vines

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