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Top 5 Thermostats You Must Be Aware Of

When you feel too cold or hot, your body’s self-regulatory mechanism constantly keeps adjusting to the temperature. Indeed, it’s that amazing! But sadly, electronic devices are not that smart, and this is where the concept of a thermostat comes into being.

You may have embedded a temperature control on your home’s wall to control the heating system, but it’s not a regular thermometer, despite having been marked in degrees. That’s your thermostat, and it does the job of regulating the component that senses temperatures in a device. Also known as the communicating thermostat, it allows creating programmable and automatic temperature settings based on:

  • Weather conditions
  • Daily schedule
  • Cooling and heating requirements

Lately, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats have garnered immense popularity, although not all devices have this advanced feature. Today, if you want to learn how to upgrade your house to a smart thermostat, it’s a no-brainer.

Choosing the best device is associated with some challenging scenarios. Assessing factors like ease of installation, intuitiveness of the operation, and advanced features and functionality are crucial considerations. On this significant note, let’s find out the top five thermostats that might turn out to be a solid home investment.

1. Voice-Controlled Ecobee Thermostat

The first device in the list has a voice control feature, making it a standalone factor. This is what makes the device more prominent in the contemporary world. It’s sleek and versatile, although there’s no question about its controlling power. It controls your house’s cooling and heating system well.

Going by its name, Ecobee lets you control it with the voice – kudos to the Alexa speaker integrated into it.  If you have a Ring device, you might be wondering about a ring thermostat – isn’t it? Well, as this device has an Alexa speaker, you can easily connect it to the ring device and control all smart devices!

According to reports, the lab test indicates that it has got an easy-to-setup option. In addition to this, it incorporates valuable features such as geofencing and energy consumption tracking. Beyond the availability of temperature management, it senses and regulates indoor humidity. In this manner, it tries and maintains the required optimal level. The main USP of the device is its versatile and sleek design, not to forget its voice control functionality deserves mention. Although it has smart home integration, good things don’t come free. It’s a bit too pricey.

2. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

While thermostats are an integral house investment for many homeowners, there’s no denying the importance of checking for authenticity. And with Nest, the fact that it offers reliable and authentic products is justifiable enough. Nest has been a noteworthy name amongst smart and reliable thermostats.

Now that it’s a part of the smart home ecosystem of Google, there’s no wonder Google Next Learning Thermostat will satisfy customers’ requirements. It’s a third-generation version produced from stainless steel, and it’s a favorite – thanks to the capability of learning habits. There’s one more standout feature, and that said, it’s the ability to alert customers.

This is crucial for the times when HVAC does not act, or problems are in the pipes. This model can also track energy usage, besides providing energy-saving pro tips. Its display screen has comprehensive information concerning temperature, weather, and time. Since it is available in an array of finishes and designs, it’s a fan favorite. Besides set-and-forget features and intuitive design, it offers HVAC safety tips

3. Honeywell Home T10 Pro

Although you can get DIY smart thermostats, no wonder that many people choose professional installation. The fact that they are robust devices and have controlling features is what makes them more popular. More to add, they also comprise dehumidification, humidification, as well as ventilation. This is where Honeywell Home T10 Pro wins the bet. Especially for larger houses having a lot of systems, it becomes a superb investment option.

While you will require a professional installation, the smart and safe Honeywell Home app takes you right from where the pro leaves after installation. The app comprises a wide range of home maintenance functionalities, such as changing filters in the cooling and heating equipment and more.

4. Sensibo Air (Easy Setup)

If you have a window AC at your apartment or house, consider it as your safest investment. Sensibo Comes as an investment solution that the device connects through the remote control of the cooling equipment. The setup option comes to be wireless, so it takes a few minutes. From here, all you can do is set up a 7-day temperature schedule. Alternatively, you can also enact a geofencing feature such that AC kicks in the time when you reach a distance from the house.

Sensibo works fantabulously even with IFTTT. Thus, you may do the things such as programming the home for cooling down no sooner than the garage door unlocks. Talking about its USP, it has a Voice Control feature and works with the window ACs. Sadly, it does not handle heating devices.

5. Nest E Thermostat

The last one on the go is the Nest E smart thermostat with almost all the same feature-set as the expensive counterpart. Simply put, it’s an affordable version and comes with helpful attributes such as geofencing, alerts, energy tracking, etc.

According to consumer feedback, some found that the design is appealing and aesthetically pleasing. Others found it challenging to read. Its sleek design and exceptional value make it worth buying. C-wire is still required, and it might require pro installation.

Summing up

Now that you have learned the five best thermostats of 2021, it’s time to revise the features before investing in the right one. All the best for your move.


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