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Top 7 Men Grooming Tips That Will Blow Your Mind Away


Top 7 Men Grooming Tips That Will Blow Your Mind Away


A real gentleman cleans up well. His hair is short and tidy, the beard, well shaven. He dresses and smells good too. However, all the glory comes at a cost. Grooming is not only a time-consuming affair but also a commitment that uses a lot of money and energy. It is why many men are untidy, all in the name of saving valuable time and cash. But are you familiar with these seven grooming tips for men? They make grooming look natural, and they are as shown below.


1. Clip Your Nails After A Hot Shower


Long nails are disgusting to observe. They are magnets to dirt and dust. Men, with their odd jobs, become carriers to disease-causing bacteria when they allow dirt to accumulate under the fingernails. Clipping, therefore, becomes a viable solution. 

Nail scissors, however, cannot handle rigid fingernails, and men have plenty of them. It is an uphill task altogether. You are also prone to physical injury. But do you know that a hot bath makes the work more manageable? A hot shower softens the nails, making you achieve that neat look.


2. Taming The Itch In The Beard


Growing a beard makes you look manly. A beard signifies a boy’s transition from childhood to manhood. Some facial hairs can drive you crazy. The very first beard strands are coarse and dry. Poor grooming practices make them constant irritants.

Facial bump growth only makes matters worse. These ridges force you to try all products to rid yourself of the pain but to no avail. It is a tall order. Anyhow, it is easy to tame the itch. Conditioning your hair during a hot shower eliminates the toughness. All you must do is let the moisturizer settle in for a few minutes before rinsing.


3. Requirements For Cleaning Your Teeth


Oral hygiene is important. You not only protect yourself from diseases by brushing your teeth daily but also maintain good breath. But what would you do if you discovered there was no toothpaste left in the house? 

Dentists recommend you use toothpaste to refresh your mouth and eliminate bacteria from the mouth. It is, therefore, understandable why you would fret when you find yourself in such a circumstance. Anyhow, worry not. Baking soda is a superb substitute to toothpaste. It whitens teeth and leaves your mouth smelling fresh. 


4. Fragrance Application


A good look is not worth much if you smell like a pig. A gentleman must appear elegant and smell like roses. But there is a catch. The real class comes from taking a hot bath, no matter the occasion. 

Second, you need to use cologne. The most popular mens cologne you can use today is appealing to the elegant, charismatic and seductive lad. Many gentlemen go for the dolce and gabbana man perfume, a product made for the average fashionista. Anyway, the only way you can exhibit sophistication is by investing cash in something worthy of the cost. Cheaper alternatives make you look cheap.

Most importantly, wear clean garments. Only a fool would apply cologne on a dirty shirt. Above all, ensure that the sweater, sock, or trouser you wear got laundered. Flat iron the garment if you have to. You can then apply perfume on your body once satisfied with the results.


5. What Happens When You Forget Your Hair Conditioner?


Traveling on short notice makes you forget some of the most valued necessities. For example, leaving behind the hair and beard conditioner knocks one’s grooming routine off balance. Recall, the conditioner eliminates hair rigidity. It enables you to comb the hair down with ease.

What happens when you are in a remote area and cannot buy a new conditioner? Using a lotion with the same thickness as the conditioner saves the day. Never use heavy body creams because they worsen the situation.


6. Looking After The Face


A vibrant-looking face compliments a well-groomed man. Sadly, most men dress in the most expensive attire and fragrances but forget about their faces. Their actions encourage the development of acne and the growth of wrinkles.

So, how do you take excellent care of your face? People with oily skin must wash their faces using products containing salicylic acid. The compound is ideal for eliminating acne. Individuals with dry skin must also wash their faces using a moisturizing face wash. 

Once done, you can apply a whitening cream to combat pigmentation. Wrinkles are easy to remove. You only need to use an oil-free lotion on your face. Combining the moisturizer with SPF 15 hydrates your skin and protects you from the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun.


7. Taking Care Of The Pubic Hair


Uncontrolled sweat production is detrimental to your health. It is not only nauseating but also a hub for disease-causing microbes. Individuals with poor grooming practices are a victim to this. They encourage the growth of pubic hair, something that renders sweat a menace when it gets hotter. 

A lack of intervention makes you a nuisance to the people around you. People avoid you because of the bad odor emanating from your body. Unfortunately, not even a warm bath provides you with a solution, but an armpit trim can. Shaving off the hair under your armpits and genitalia using a hair clipper is a superb start. You then have to use expensive deodorant. However, ensure you sterilize the trimmer once a while.

The Bottom Line

Grooming is a necessity and not a need. It helps you maintain the highest standards of hygiene. Also, cleanliness keeps you away from the hospital. You are of excellent health come rain or shine. But that is not all. 

Women fancy clean men, and so does society. For instance, you are likely to succeed in a job interview when you are neatly dressed than when you are not. Additionally, people treat you with respect when you are neat. 

Therefore, you must keep yourself clean regardless of the occasion. Also, dress in the most expensive attire and fragrances you can afford. Above all, keep your fingers clean!


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