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Top 8 Best Sites like 1234movies For watching Movies Online


Top 8 Best Sites like 1234movies For watching Movies Online

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Movie site like 1234Movies has been trending website among the movie freaks for streaming movies and tv shows across a variety of genres. Unfortunately, the website has been shut down from the internet. It was displayed on the homepage of the website that users should respect the people behind movies and TV shows. Users were made to pay for the movies and shows they want to watch on the internet.

1234Movies was operated from Vietnam and it has been considered as the world’s most popular illegal site to stream movies online.

Since 1234 Movie4u is down and is not operative, there are many other alternative sites to watch movies and TV series online. Many of the alternatives sites like 1234Movies are better and provide similar content this is alternative to cyro movie. It keeps you entertained with free movies and tv shows.

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Sites like 1234Movies

Many sites are listed below where you can watch online movies and tv series. Some users may want to explore different platforms that provide almost similar movie qualities. Some of the reviews have summarized a list of best sites where you can watch or stream movies or tv shows online and have the rich variety of movies and tv series and many of websites are free of cost which does not require any subscription.

1. YoMovies

1234movies , sites like 1234movies , 1234 movie4u

YoMovies is one the best site like 1234movies. YoMovies is a site that has mostly Bollywood and south Indian dubbed Movies and tv shows like Tamil, Telugu and Punjabi and many adult movies. Though they provide movies from the USA, it is lesser compared to Hindi films that they have. This site is quite user-friendly and interactive. This site also links to other movie sharing site. They don’t store any of the movies that are played on this site. It is the fast loading site. It requires high-speed internet for a better experience.

2. Pureflix

1234movies , sites like 1234movies , 1234 movie4u

Pureflix the best 1234movies alternatives. A site having the largest catalog of the movies and tv shows. It is considered Pureflix and Netflix are in the same wavelength. You have to pay for the subscription after your trial period of 30 days is over and it is worth subscribing. You can find movies and TV shows in pureflix from all the genres including Educational and motivational for kids and adults. It is considered to be one of the most updated sites and adopts most of the popular TV shows. It does not support downloads.

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3. FMovies

1234movies , sites like 1234movies , 1234 movie4u

It is the alternative site when it comes to the latest movies out on theater and you want to watch. A site has organized moves when landed on the home page. It is not only a catalog of movies but also has tv Shows. It is different from other free sites, you don’t need to register to use also know fmovies alternatives. You may not find all the videos to be HD.

4. HDO

1234movies , sites like 1234movies , 1234 movie4u

HDO is a good alternative to 1234movies. HDO is an equivalent streaming site. It provides a large number of high-quality movies and web series. Most of the movies are the cinema copy. All the detailed information including plot, characters, duration or the movie, actors etc. are presented and there is a hover effect on the home page that allows you to quickly get the information about the movie. The clear navigation and search function makes it easy for you to find favorite movies and TV shows.

5. Zmovies

1234movies , sites like 1234movies , 1234 movie4u

Zmovies should be considered when talking about free movie streaming site. It is one the alternative to sites like 1234Movies. It has a large database of amazing movies and great tv shows and more are always added regularly so that you don’t require to look for stuff on the other websites. Movies in various genres are provided and you can search whatever you like. It doesn’t require you to signup, but to get access to all the features, it’s always recommended that you register for an account and follow various social media pages like facebook, google+ etc to keep updated about all the newly released movies.

6. Niter

1234movies , sites like 1234movies , 1234 movie4u

It is the next one to join the list. It is an alternative website and similar to all other websites that allow you to watch movies and TV series online for free. But, it requires you to create an account in order to continue streaming. It has a clear interface and it claims to have updated the database in real time when the movie is released. Movies recently added are displayed on the homepage so that you can quickly get access. Features like high quality, large collection, and easy interface, etc together make Niter a good alternative to 1234movies.

7. GoStream

1234movies , sites like 1234movies , 1234 movie4u

Gostream has the huge database of the online movies and TV series. Their services are often offered for free. You can enjoy movies without registration and downloading. GoStream regularly updates their website so that you can enjoy the latest movies that are shown in the cinemas. Movies and TV series are not limited to what your country gives. It has categories for various countries like Asia, Japan, Euro, and China.  Even there are more countries under its categories.

8. Movie25.me

1234movies , sites like 1234movies , 1234 movie4u

Movie25.me another site like 1234movies. A website that has a very eye-catching and neat user interface. It is easy to be used to it at first glance. It has very simple interface. You won’t be lost or get distracted and confused to everything. It has everything to offer. You are free to browse all of your favorite movies for free without any hassle. All of the movies included in the movies are of latest released. You can find Bollywood movies. You won’t feel out of place if you like and have the taste of those movies. All the movies are available in high definition in an organized and sophisticated way.

If you want to watch or stream movies or TV shows on the website online. There are lots of websites you can find easily here If you want to watch movies on your PC, you can download the Showbox app. It’s fast, and full of options for movie freaks. You have to choose the very best one so that you are completely satisfied with it. All the features depend on what preferences you have, whether you need without ads or without servers, maybe a website with a premium interface. All these depend upon what you choose for watching movies and TV series.

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Final Words

Hope you will like my list on sites like 1234movies. If you have any site which is similar to 1234movies then share the website link in the comment section we will add the link in our list.


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