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Troll Romance OSRS Guide

Troll Romance OSRS – This is a mission that is fixated on troll love. It is about Ug’s affection for Aga. It starts with a discussion with Ug which happens at the Troll Fortress. Also, is a journey for experienced players. In Troll romance, there is a significant test. This test is Aga, a troll that Ug loves is with another troll, Arrg. Presently, Ug isn’t pretty much as solid as Arrg. Because of this, the conventional custom encompassing mating which is tied in with destroying a rival doesn’t support Ug. Since Ug isn’t just about as solid as Arrg, what are his odds of intriguing Aga without a showcase of savage strength? Additionally, what is the probability that you will actually want to help Ug win Aga’s affection?

Step by step instructions to discover Ug (Troll Romance OSRS)

Troll Romance OSRS

To find Ug, you should discover your way into the fortress. Getting into the fortress isn’t a walkover. To do this, you can either choose to continue to stroll until you show up at the mountains” western passageway or utilize the Trollheim Transport. Once at the area of the Trollheim Transport, get toward the south/west way.

The following stage includes discovering your far beyond various trolls. When you can do this, you need to take a turn which is situated at the northwestern hub of the district. When you end up in the fortification, utilize the steps which is situated at the hallway’s northern pivot. When you discover your way to the end, utilize the southern hall at that point utilize the entryway that prompts the west when you show up toward the finish of the southern passageway. You will find Ug at the southern pivot of the chamber.

You should walk upper east from the area of the transport towards the easy route and get into the fortification in the event that you are utilizing the pixie ring or the slayer rings. To utilize this course, you will require a couple of climbing boots. Once in the fortification, move northwards, along the hallway and move up the stairway situated at the northeastern corner. At the highest point of the stairway, move towards the south with the utilization of passages and proceed towards the west.

When you do all these, you will discover Ug at the southern pivot of the chamber. When you discover him, you ought to go on and have a discussion with him. Through this discussion, you will find that he adores Aga, who cherishes another troll. In the wake of having a discussion with Ug, you should move northwards to have a discussion with Aga.

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Through the discussion with Aga, you will discover that she is a heartfelt troll. Also, as a heartfelt troll that she will be, she anticipates that anyone in love with she should offer her trollweiss. In the wake of chatting with Aga, your best course of action will be to have a discussion with Arrg. Through this discussion, you will discover that He isn’t actually enamored with Aga. Likewise, you will discover that he has no clue about the area of trollweiss. Since Arrg doesn’t have the foggiest idea where trollweiss are found, Ug enjoys a benefit. He should simply discover where trollweiss are found. Thusly, he will actually want to make Aga begin to look all starry eyed at him.


This is where you return to Ug and have a discussion with him. In this discussion, he will tell you that Trollweis can be situated by anybody that has lived in the mountains their whole life. The individual that fits this specific portrayal is Tenzing. Tenzing lives on the way among Burthorep and the fortress. Additionally, he sells boots. Thus, you can transport to Burthorpe with the utilization of the Minigame Gathering Locater or the game neckband. When you get to this area, move towards the west and proceed with northwest. When at the injured warrior, move southwest on the mountain way. Along these lines, you will actually want to find Tenzing’s cabin.

When you visit Tenzing, he will reveal to you where the trollweiss is. The trollweiss is situated in the ice troll. Because of its area, for it to be gotten to, there is an extraordinary method.  That is not all. He proceeds to spread the word about it that for the level to be gotten to, a sled will be required. Also, to make a sled, you should meet with Dunstan.

Meeting with Dunstan

To find Dunstan, you should make a beeline for Burthorpe as he is the Burthorpe smith. To get to Burthorpe, you should utilize a Minigame Gathering Locater or a games accessory. At Burthorpe, you should travel upper east as this will help you discover Dunstan. When you meet Dunstan, have a discussion with him and get him to make a sled. To make this conceivable, you should make materials accessible. These materials incorporate an iron bar, a rope, and yew logs or maple. Dunstan will likewise recommend that the sled is waxed prior to going on to utilize it in the mountain snow.

osrs troll romance

To wax the sled, utilize a marsh tar and a wax container to move wax into the cake tin in your ownership. In the wake of waxing the sled, you should go to the mountain where you will get Trollweiss.

The Fight with Arrg

To win Aga’s adoration, you should get her Trollweiss and furthermore draw in Arrg in a battle. Along these lines, subsequent to getting Trollweiss, head to Arrg’s position and prepare for a battle. When you find Arrg, you should have a discussion with him. Throughout the discussion, he will find that you have come to murder him and that will be the start of a battle.

For the journey to reach a conclusion, you should execute Arrg. Subsequent to murdering him, you need to return to where Ug is and make him realize Arrg is dead. Expectation you appreciated the Troll Romance OSRS control.

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