Types and characteristics of light duty racks

Storage racks can be divided into heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty racks according to the load-bearing capacity. And each type of storage rack can be subdivided into different types according to different structural characteristics. So, do you know what are the types of light storage racks? Let’s find out together.

The rack column is made of high-quality steel, the distance of the hole is adjustable by 50mm, and the round hole of the column is used to connect the layered plate; the rack layer plate is made of cold-rolled steel. Wide range of uses, suitable for small parts, accessories and other lighter workplaces, each floor load more than 100-150kg to manpower, manual handling, storage and picking operations.

light duty racks in all storage racks are the smallest load-bearing capacity, usually rack load ≦ 150 kg/layer. rack load is overwhelmingly calculated by the load-bearing capacity of the layer, usually used for small and medium, lighter goods storage. The following is the classification of light storage racks.

A. Angle steel racks

Angle steel racking is a kind of light racking, using high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, stamping, easy to disassemble, easy to adjust, flexible combination, strong transformation, can be placed by the customer to increase or decrease the number of layers to achieve the best storage effect. Angle steel racks are beautiful in appearance, can be combined at will, and are widely used. Angle steel racks adopt universal angle steel as the column of lightweight steel laminate racks, which are assembled by connection and plugging, easy to install and disassemble, and the steel laminate is adjustable up and down at a pitch of 50 mm to meet various requirements for use.

Scope of application: mainly composed of columns and steel laminates, it is suitable for manual access to lighter goods, and can be used with plastic crates to store many kinds of small products, widely used in the electronics industry and small parts warehouses.

Features: Angle steel racks can be changed by spraying powder or laying a special rubber sheet to achieve anti-static function, with low cost, safe and reliable, easy to assemble and disassemble, can be used alone, have a good load-bearing situation, and smooth surface.

B. the wire rod rack

Wire rod (also known as a plastic-clad pipe), is a welded steel pipe with a plastic resin coating, and to prevent the coating from separating from the steel pipe, a special adhesive is used to bond between them. The inner wall of the steel tube is coated to prevent corrosion, and the standard wire rod material has a diameter of 28 mm and a wall thickness of 1.0 mm. wire rod holders are usually used for assembling fluent strips. It is a modular system of tubing and wire rod connections that can transform any creative idea into an individual and realistic structure and is extremely simple and quick to manufacture at a low cost.


1、The wire rod flexible system is simple and easy to build.

2、The wire rod flexible system is flexible, variable in form and highly flexible.

3、Product environmental protection and safety.

4、Improve the working environment and work efficiency.

5、Lightweight structure, easy to carry, in line with the ergonomic principle.

C. a hundred different racks

A hundred change floor stack is a new type of combined superstore stack that improves terminal stacking efficiency, reduces traditional stacking costs and labor, and provides more stacking volume and more diverse brand display methods. It can be flexibly combined into various floor stacking forms according to the different areas and sites are given to the supermarket terminals. Because of its hundred variations and flexibility in the form of the pile, pile level, pile size, pile height, etc., and even can be combined into a variety of different terminal display types, and the terminal display industry known as the “Variety of pile” or “Variety of racks”.

Variable rack advantages:


Compared with the traditional floor stack products, a hundred different floor stack has the following obvious advantages:

  1. Standardized, low-cost production of easy to lose damaged accessories
  2. Improve the ductility, a variety of props 1 set of solutions
  3. Reduce 30% of the weight, the structure is still solid
  4. 30% reduction in packaging volume, easy to transport storage
  5. The composition of the basic accessories, 30% cost reduction
  6. Increase the inventory, taking into account the product display and brand image display

light duty racks, angle steel racks, using high-quality cold plate (SPCC) and Q235 steel manufacturing. By the steel laminate and universal angle steel profile by the angle code, special pins combination. It has a beautiful appearance and easy assembly, and the steel laminate can be adjusted up and down with 55mm spacing. It is possible to connect multiple groups of light racks to increase the overall stability of the racks.

light duty rack features


①Light racks have a beautiful appearance, and easy assembly, and the steel ply can be adjusted up and down with 55mm spacing. Multiple groups of light racks can be connected to increase the overall stability of the racks.


②Light racks are welded with reinforcing bars, the layer load capacity is large, and the maximum layer load per layer can reach 150kg per layer under the relative length.

③The top and bottom racks are connected with the column by angle code and bolt, which is safe and stable, and the middle racks are associated with the racks by special pins, which are simple and convenient and can be adjusted at will.

④The surface treatment of light racks adopts shot blasting surface rust removal, oil removal, and electrostatic powder spraying treatment, which can be sprayed according to the color specified by customers. It has the advantages of beautiful color, not easy to oxidize, easy to clean, etc.

⑤Light racks are widely used in enterprise warehouses, supermarkets and institutions, while this product has reached the level of the same products in developed countries.

⑥Light racks can also be made into anti-static racks by adding anti-static facilities on the racks, which are widely used in electronic enterprises (such as Nanjing Flextronics, LG Electronics, etc. are our typical customers).

⑦Light racks in the same direction can be connected with bolts to form a whole rack.

The production process of light duty racks


①The standard column specification of light racks is a 38×38×1.8mm angle steel profile, which is made of high-quality strip steel by flattening, rolling by an automatic rolling mill, punching, and then cutting according to the height specified by customers.

②The light rack layer plate is made of a high-quality cold plate, which is flattened, longitudinally cut, bent and welded with reinforcement.

③After the light rack column and laminate are processed into semi-finished products, the last process of spraying can be carried out. After completion, it can be packed and shipped.

④Light racking is an ideal substitute for the original enterprise’s simple racking with welded angles and wooden boards on top. The product has low cost, safe and reliable, easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be used alone.

⑤At the same time, we can design and manufacture racks according to the actual storage space of customers.

The above is the answer to the question of “storage type light duty racks”, I hope it will be helpful to you. If you need to purchase warehouse storage racks, I suggest you choose Xinmiao, they are a Top 10 warehouse racking manufacturer in China with nearly 20 years of experience in racking production and a strong factory.

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