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Useful Pillow Buying Tips From the Experts

If we think of how we live our daily lives, it is pretty easy to divide up how much time we spend at work, socializing, and sleeping. Did you know we spend about one-third of our lifetime in bed? How well we sleep in those hours will directly impact how the rest of our day goes. If you do not have proper sleep, you will end up not being as productive or feeling as well as you could be. When people look to bettering their sleep, they usually look to the mattress they sleep in. However, it may not always be the mattress. The pillow you use is also very important to have a good night’s sleep. Pillows, like mattresses, are important to get right and should be a well-researched purchase. One of the main reasons people don’t have a pleasant sleep is because they may be in pain due to how they torque their body in bed. We know if your pillow isn’t keeping your neck aligned with your spine, that will cause discomfort and pain. If the problem is not corrected, over time this can have a negative effect on your body.

Making the Right Decision

When shopping for pillows you will want to get one that will reduce neck pain, one that will keep you sound asleep all night, and one that keeps your spine aligned. Of course, you will also want to make sure it does all of those things all the while being a material you enjoy resting on. There are plenty of different ways people tend to sleep including on their side, on their back, or on their stomach. If you are a side sleeper, you should consider a pillow that is thick and firm and will keep your ears in line with your arms and shoulders to prevent your neck from extending when sleeping. If you sleep on your stomach, you should consider a pillow that is soft and thin, so your neck stays in a neutral position. It is also encouraged to place a pillow under your shoulder to assure proper spine alignment. If you sleep on your back you should opt for a pillow that has a medium thickness so it keeps your neck aligned without arching your head forward. If you switch positions while you sleep, consider a plush pillow where the fill can be easily shifted to so you have the best comfort possible as you move around.

Understanding the Options

Speaking of fill, there are a variety of different fills available to you. Some people prefer a fluffy pillow, a firm pillow, or a flat pillow. Each type of pillow will have different pros and cons that are important to know before choosing which one is best for you. One of the most common pillows is known as ‘down pillows’. Down pillows are typically the fluffiest option out there. There is also a pillow type called a “down-and-feather combo” that is firmer and cheaper cost-wise. Another popular option that people usually look to is memory foam pillows. Solid memory foam pillows give users that give a supportive feel as their heat sinks in. The pillow will mold around the head to help with consistency. Another style of memory foam pillows is called shredded memory foam. It is similar to solid memory foam but the fill can be moved around for a different feel.

Sleeping vs Relaxing in your Bed

All of these options are great for when you are sleeping, but what about the time you spend in your bed propped up reading, watching TV, or chatting with your partner. One of the most rejuvenating things you can do at the end of the day is to spend some time in your bed before going to sleep. With all the concerns about being sedentary, when done properly sitting can help relieve pain and stress. Pillows you use to sleep are typically not made to provide the proper back support you need to comfortably sit in your bed. Thankfully, a sit-up pillow can provide you more comfort. If you spend time in your bed propped up, you should consider purchasing the proper supports you need to be comfortable. You will thank yourself in the end for doing so, it will result in fewer back pains and problems.

Pillows play an important part in your sleep and relaxation tendencies. For comfort and pain-relief, having the proper firmness, style, construction, and durability in your pillow is key. Any financial decision you make should come after the proper research and understanding. Your individual needs should be at the forefront of that conversation. With the amount of time we spend in our bedrooms we should have it set up so it suits our desires and needs from the beginning. Your back and neck will thank you in the future.


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