Waist Trainers That Celebs Prefer

A renowned beauty secret of celebs is shapewear! Isn’t it great when you know the secret of your favorite that she follows to look her best? Some of them admit it, while others deny it. However, the truth is shapewear has taken the world by storm and it includes some of the big names too.

Shapewears Which Celebs Prefer

A lot of A-listers and celebrities consider shapewear as their must-have armor on the red carpet to ensure their designer dresses remain in place and they get the perfect hourglass figure without taking any chances. With so many options, celebs don’t hesitate to try it all to get the most ideal figure for themselves as they have hundreds of cameras flashing light on every angle of their bodies. The most preferred shapewear for women are:

  • High-waist shorts
  • Tummy control thongs
  • Full-bodysuit

High-Waist Shorts

High-waist shorts are extremely popular because of their versatility and coverage. They precisely slim down your tummy, lift your butt and smooth the hips. Supermodel Karlie Kloss wears them under long dresses. She has a preference for high-waist shorts as it smooths her silhouette without causing any discomfort.

These shorts offer targeted control and confidence to the wear by smoothing out the unwanted love handles and offering the best natural curves. They improve your posture, slim your thigh and flatter your belly pooch.

So, if you are looking for high compression, flat seams and an invisible butt-lifting effect, then this is the shapewear for you.

Tummy Control Thongs

If you are looking forward to wearing a designer gown or a silky outfit, then tummy control thong bodysuits will give you the best results. They slim your midsection and life your busts without any risks. Celebs like Kylie Jenner and Lady Gaga love these undergarments under their dresses.

Trust me, these compression garments will never disappoint you. They control your tummy and smooth your back in a flash. The nude-like garments blend in with your skin and offer the best look and shape. The seamless bodysuits smooth your figure, getting almost invisible under your dress. If you want it in backless or strapless options, you have it.

Full Body Shaper

If you really don’t want to leave anything to destiny, then a full body shaper is the best option for you. British actress Emily Blunt loves this shaper. It proves to be a game changer to skyrocket anyone’s confidence. Regardless of exercises, training and food control, even the most famous people need additional support which shapewear offers.

A full body shaper offers additional coverage and control together to control your tummy, enhance your assets and make any dress look perfect. It elongates your silhouette and controls your bulge keeping everything in place.

Other than these, celebs also prefer waist and thigh trainer and seamless panties as compression garments.

So, if you want to get a celeb-like figure, then make sure you include shapewear in your closets. You can buy your favorite celeb preferred shapewear in the Black Friday shapewear sale online and get the best pieces at highly slashed rates.


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