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Ways to Support Your Friend Post-Surgery

When your friend is undergoing a surgery, the person would have gone through a roller coaster ride of emotions.  Before the surgery, your friend would be worried and anxious about the operational procedure and whether the surgery would be a success.  After the surgery, your friend would be physically weak and exhausted from the energy drained during the operation.  Your friend would also be concerned of any side effects post-surgery.  As a result, your friend will experience physical weakness ad have poor mental and emotional well-being.  Hence, having a strong support network among his family and friends is critical to help him recover after the surgery.

There are following ways to support your friend after the surgery to help your friend nurse back to physical health and improve your friend’s mental and emotional well-being. Depending on the type of surgery, your friend may not have the physical ability to do even the simplest chores.  Hence, you may support your friend by offering to help him with his daily or regular chores.  You may help your friend with his housework, grocery shopping, meals preparation and even walk his dog.  If your friend has children, he may need your help to take his children to school and fetch them home.

If you do not have the time to help your friend with his chores or if you are living in another location, another way to support your friend is to give him presents to recover faster. There are a few get well soon gifts that you can consider.  A practical get well soon gift is to buy him food related gifts.  After surgery, having nourishing food is critical as it provides him with the necessary nutrients to help rebuild his health.  The type of food related gifts to buy him depends on the type of food he can consume after surgery.  If he is unable to consume solid food, you may consider buying him soup subscription which are delivered to his doorstep.  With this gift, you are assuring him that he will have his meals regularly and he will have the necessary nutrients packed in the bowls of piping hot soup.  If he is able to consume solid food, you may consider buying him tonics, fresh fruits or healthy snacks to ensure that he is well nourished after surgery.

Another practical gift to consider is buying him an item that can help him better pass his time during his bedrest.  After the surgery, doctors will usually advise him not to walk around frequently and to have sufficient rest at his bed.  The reason for such doctor’s advice is to prevent unnecessary falls and re-injury and ensure that he recovers quickly.  With so much bedrest time, he will be delighted to receive items which can help keep him entertained at bed.  Such items include an ipad, kindle or noise cancelling headphones.

We believe that the above-mentioned support that you have given your friend will help him speed up his recovery.

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