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What Are Cannabis Concentrates and How do You Use Them

Have you heard of cannabis concentrates but you’re not exactly sure what they are? With all the vocabulary surrounding cannabis, it can be hard to keep up, especially if you’re a newbie.

We’re here to help. Keep reading for a brief guide to the cannabis concentrate basics. Learn more about concentrates to see if they would be a good option for you.

Cannabis Concentrates: The Basics

Many turn to cannabis concentrates if they are looking for an option that is stronger than your average pre-roll with about 80 percent or more THC. Because of the strength of concentrates, it’s important to figure out the correct dosage for your own unique needs. This is especially true for those using cannabis for medical-related purposes or chronic conditions.

This option also has a quicker onset and comes in a variety of different types of consumption. The dosage you will need varies from person to person and also will vary depending on your consumption preference. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of cannabis concentrates.

The Main Concentrate Varieties

The varieties of concentrates come down to how they are processed after extraction. Hash is a popular variety and is known for its high THC potency. It’s typically made with ice-water using a solventless technique.

Hash is usually pressed into a brick or ball before consumption. Shatter is another concentrate type that is named for its fragile consistency. It has a glass-like appearance because it is made by pouring raw extract into a narrow slab for the purging process in which it must stay undisturbed.

Budder is whipped extract which becomes wax during the processing and then gets further aerated. This leads to a consistency smooth like butter which is where this type of concentrate gets its name. It is also sometimes referred to as frosting or icing.

Sauce, as its name suggests, is gooey and has a texture that is similar to applesauce. Because it is left to age, the separation occurs between the cannabinoids and any portions of the terapin rich extract. This terapin rich extract is then mixed back into the sauce to increase the flavor, potency, and giving it a powerful aroma.

Crumble occurs when the wax does not get whipped during the purging process and gets dried instead. This turns to a crumbly or sand-like consistency. Diamonds are one of the most expensive extract types, much like their name.

They are more expensive due to the long amount of time it takes to create them. After the purging process, the extraction sits in a cool dark place for several weeks and turns to crystal.

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Cannabis Concentrates: The Basics and Variations

Now that you know more about what cannabis concentrates are as well as what kind of variations they typically come in, you can see if this cannabis option would benefit you. This is a potent option that comes in types for many preferences.

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