What basics should you know while opening a Savings Account?

These days, banks offer their customers multiple services to encourage them to open an account. You learn to collect money and save it for the future. Financial preparedness is key, and it helps you use funds responsibly. Approach banks for the schemes offered on their products.

A Savings Account is safe to store your money that earns a small interest percentage annually while they grow towards long-term financial goals. A little research is always a bonus for everyone’s savings needs differ.


If you plan to portion part of your income to savings every month, consider finding an online account that maximises your assets. Fortunately, they offer many benefits to help keep your money safe and steadily growing:


The accumulation of cash is subject to damage and theft. Therefore, banks urge customers to open digital accounts to reduce bank visits. You must download the Mobile Banking app and log on to it with your credentials. The funds are safe and easy to track with an app. The Bank Account is a low-risk option that provides guaranteed returns as interest.

Ease of use

If you open multiple Savings and Deposit Accounts with banks, you benefit from accessible funds transfers between them. The auto-debit option available on the app ensures timely fund credit to the accounts without worrying about low balances or penalties.


When you open a Bank Account, you get interest payments on the balance because your money is not stagnant. Banks lend it out and make money on the interest. Besides traditional investment options, you gain higher returns by investing in Certificates of Deposits and Money Market Accounts.

Practical uses

Once you open your account, you wonder how and where to use the funds. Financial planning is helpful, especially for long-term goals like marriage, buying a car, house, etc. Since you earn interest on the balance every month or quarter, it increases inflow and liquidity.

Living expense cushion

Save enough money to cushion basic living expenses, including rent, bills, and other priorities. The cushion ranges between three to six months of living expenses, depending on your comfort level and saving capacity. After establishing this safety net for your Saving Bank Account, you focus on other needs.

Major purchases

Another fundamental of opening an Online Banking account is preparing for significant purchases like car and house down payments. Alternatively, use the funds for fulfilling luxuries like visiting a dream destination or buying gadgets. You entirely control how you spend your savings.

Emergency savings

Life is unpredictable. Having an emergency fund is relieving in a car accident or medical emergency. Your emergency corpus depends on lifestyle factors like having kids, pets, or Student Loans. Spend 50% of your monthly income on essentials and 30% on wants and save 20% for the future.


If you are aware of these fundamentals, it reduces the chances of debt and borrowing money from friends and relatives. 

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