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What can you do with bitcoins?

Most people are ready to invest in bitcoins, but they don’t know what they will do with bitcoins or the best way to help them use bitcoins. To solve this puzzle, we have come up with different ways in which you can use bitcoins.

Make online purchase

One of the best ways to use bitcoins is to use it to make online purchases. Several ecommerce websites and retailers are accepting bitcoin as a method of payment. One of the biggest platforms, named Overstock, accepts bitcoin as a form of payment when you are using the bitcoin trading website. Some of the major businesses accepting bitcoins include Microsoft, Newegg, TigerDirect, and a bunch of other platforms. Although not all ecommerce sites are accepting bitcoin at present, many huge companies with large businesses are taking the plunge into the crypto world, and thus, it shows that the future is pretty bright for bitcoins; thus, use every little opportunity to invest in bitcoins if you want to shop as per your needs by using bitcoins. For more information you can visit

These days many ecommerce sites are popping up, which accepts payment only in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The biggest platform in this decade is the OpenBazaar. This is a peer-to-peer marketplace that enables you to purchase anything you want, from local food to beverages from all over the world. You can even purchase digital goods by using this platform. Although you need to take certain precautions while using these platforms to purchase goods, they have got lots of good reviews from buyers worldwide. OpenBazaar uses an escrow service for payment so that they can be aware of different unethical sellers.

In addition to making purchases at OpenBazaar, you can also use bitcoins to top-up your prepaid SIM card using a platform called CryptoRefills. The process to recharge your SIM is pretty easy on this website, as all you need to do is enter your phone number and make payment in bitcoins. You can also send and receive money to your friends or family members in the form of bitcoin, even if they are staying abroad. CryptoRefills also allows you to purchase vouchers for different games like Counter-strike and Warcraft.

Buy gifts

Another major way by which you can use bitcoin is to purchase different gift cards. Can you imagine being at a shop BestBuy and looking at a new pair of headphones that you like very much? If your problem is that you are out of cash and have only bitcoins, you don’t need to worry. Although BestBuy doesn’t accept payment in the form of bitcoins, you can easily turn these bitcoins into currency by using a Mobile app called Gyft. Thus, you can make unlimited purchases by using this platform.

Get a bitcoin debit card.

Don’t be too surprised. You can easily get a debit card that uses bitcoins. The bitcoin debit card is one of the most innovative financial products that is enabling people all over the world to make payments in Bitcoins. The best part about bitcoin debit cards is that you can use bitcoins at any place that accepts payment through a debit card. Thus, you don’t have to be worried about shopping just because you don’t have cash. Use your bitcoin debit and make any purchase or transactions as per your needs and wants. One of the best platforms that can help you to get a Bitcoin debit card is BitPay. This platform allows you to load your bitcoin in a debit card so that you can make the payment conveniently. Wirex is another major platform that provides a similar Visa debit card. In fact, you are also eligible to get 0.5% cash-back when you are using the Wirex Bitcoin debit card.


You can also use bitcoin to travel anywhere you want. Yes, don’t wait for your monthly salary to travel all around the world. Many travel agencies and flight services are accepting payment in Bitcoins, and you can easily use them to travel to any place you want.

We hope you will use bitcoins for any of these purposes you want. We hope you won’t get worried the next time you don’t have cash in your wallet. Use bitcoin and be a part of the digital revolution.

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