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What Exercises Are You Able To Do With The Pilates Magic Ring?

A staple item in any Pilates lover’s collection, the Pilates magic ring is a great piece of exercise equipment. Not only is it cheap, light as well as small, but it’s also effective. From stretching your hamstrings to tightening your glutes, the Pilates magic ring is a one-stop-shop for portable resistance training.

The number of reps which you do for each exercise on the Pilates magic ring will depend on your strength and ability.  This means that you need to work within your own limits. If you want to make this into more of a workout, do three sets of each exercise with a short rest between sets.

When you lift the Pilates magic ring, it’s very important that you keep your shoulders down. Actively sliding your shoulder blades back and down your back will make sure that they won’t move forward or pull all the way back. This will work so that you can strengthen your shoulders since you are keeping them in a highly  stable position.

Pilates Magic Rings Make You The Creator Of Your Own Destiny

With this equipment, you are able to decide how quickly you would like to do the moves (the slower that you do it is better), and how hard you would like to press the ring (the harder that you press, the more you will engage your muscles). But one thing that every single person needs to keep is  their form.

If you want to get the most out of the movements (and also avoid injury) with your Pilates magic ring, you want to make sure that you’re holding yourself in a neutral spine during your workout. You  will want to think of holding a succulent, juicy peach under your chin.

Visualise that your bottom rib is attempting to be heavy into the mat however lift your lower back up just a little bit. Almost make enough room so that you can put a blueberry under there. So before you begin your exercises, take a moment to tuck – and then release – your pelvis a few times in order to help you settle into neutral spine, which is somewhere in between those two positions.

Here are a couple of exercises that you can do with the Pilates magic ring.

Glute Bridge With Ring Over Knees

Lie supine with a small, folded towel under your head. Make sure that your heels towards your buttocks. The ring must be placed on top of your knees. Exhale and then push your knees out against the ring. Draw your hip bones in the direction of your rib cage.

Your lower back must flatten down prior to it peeling off the floor. When you have moved up to between your shoulder blades, stop and inhale. Make sure that you keep on drawing your hip bones towards your rib cage as you exhale. Peel your spine back down towards the floor one bone at a time. Repeat until fatigue sets in.


At the top of the glute bridge add in a curl up. Lift your head and shoulders off the floor. Reach your hands along the sides of your thighs. In order to work the inner – as opposed to the outer – thighs,. Put the ring between your knees and squeeze as you bridge.

Curl-Ups With Pilates Magic Ring

Lie supine and your heels towards your buttocks. Make sure that your ring is placed between your knees and fingertips to your temples with the elbows wide out to your sides.

Exhale, squeeze on the ring and then slide your ribs down towards your hip bones. Lift your head and shoulders off the mat. Your eyeline needs to be between your knees. Inhale and then slowly lower your head and shoulders back down towards the mat. Repeat to fatigue.

Work the outer – rather than the inner – thighs. Place the Pilates magic ring over your knees and push out against it as you curl up.

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