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What Is Acrotray.exe? Is AcroTray Needed at Startup?

As of late, a lot of clients announced issues in regards to acrotray.exe. In many cases that Acrotray is hurting their framework’s presentation. Furthermore, the guilty party is causing most issues in their PC.

In many case, Acrotray.exe is an authentic document where a virus called Acrotray.exe attacks our PC and makes serious issues.

A great deal could be said about this, yet without strong realities and check, we can’t definitely say that this is a virus or pony trojan. Notwithstanding, assuming you also are dealing with this issue, we have sorted out an answer in this guide.

We did all the foundation work, you simply need to go through the article cautiously. Furthermore, we are confident that before the finish of the article you will know the answer for this issue.

What Is Acrotray?


Adobe Trapeze artist Tray Symbol is the tech term for it. What it does in basic terms is useful in changing over records into various arrangements of documents.

It is important for the cycle and not chiefly the interaction but rather on the off chance that it isn’t there, you will not have the option to effectively change over reports into the distinctive accessible arrangements.

An aspect of its responsibilities is to likewise tell clients when they attempt to change over PDF records and monitor refreshes for the Adobe Aerialist Peruser application itself. You can discover the Acrotray record in the Adobe Gymnastic performer introduced catalog.

We should move to what you will see on your framework.



This is the executable document for the Acrotray cycle. It runs behind the scenes so you will not for the most part notice the work it does until you effectively look for it by review the errand administrator or discovering its record way.

You can say it’s important for a genuine Adobe Trapeze artist 9 Standard programming that conveys a component that makes it workable for clients to change reports to various record designs.

Is Acrotray.exe Hurtful To Your Framework?

This inquiry has been posed by a great deal of clients and it doesn’t have a basic answer. I’ll offer the responses and afterward clarify why there are differentiating answers.

No, The Acrotray.exe Is Not Hurtful

A portion of the reasons why it isn’t hurtful are now illustrated above however I will go through every one of the reasons. The main explanation is its authenticity.

It is a credible cycle that a respectable tech organization utilizes in its application. Adobe Stunt-devil applications need the Acrotray.exe to guarantee that organizations of archives can be changed to PDFs, txt, and other accessible arrangements.

  • It is published by Adobe Frameworks Inc. Its area is
  • C:\ProgramFiles\adobe\acrobat9.0\acrobat\acrobat.exe
  • The entirety of this data proposes that the Acrotray.exe interaction is not a virus, nor is it hurtful in any capacity.
  • The subsequent answer is

Indeed, It very well may Be Unsafe

The Acrotray.exe interaction can be destructive on the grounds that malware as a rule covers up by emulating addresses of covered up executables like this one. This makes it truly hard for antiviruses to suss these viruses out.

  • One way clients can see whether the Acrotray.exe interaction is the hurtful sort or the genuine cycle is by discovering the area.
  • As clarified over, the real Acrotray.exe executable’s area is
  • C:\ProgramFiles\adobe\acrobat9.0\acrobat\acrobat.exe
  • Here’s the means by which to see whether it’s a virus by checking the area.
  • Right-click on the executable and snap on Properties.
  • Check whether the document way or area coordinates with the one above.

Assuming it does, that is the genuine article. On the off chance that it doesn’t, you need to get a trustworthy outsider antivirus to dispose of the viruses before they cause harm to your framework.

Different Issues Encompassing Acrotray

The real executable doesn’t cause high computer chip use blunders, what causes that mistake is the virus taking on the appearance of the genuine executable.

This is what drives a few clients to group Acrotray.exe executable as malware or a virus. Since they don’t know which one is genuine, a few clients just uninstall or stop genuine cycles.

With this data, you would now be able to discover without help from anyone else which cycle is destructive and which is most certainly not. Additionally, Antivirus applications like Malwarebytes truly help in managing viruses that mix in as genuine executables.

I’ll advise you to most likely investigate that choice for disposing of the hurtful executables and leaving the valuable or genuine ones.

Reasons Why You Should Dispose Of The Authentic Acrotray.exe Executable

We have discussed how you can discover the genuine executables from the malware disguised as executables.

This is more for clients who need to find out about the genuine Acrotray.exe cycle and what it means for your framework execution.

The accompanying reasons are the reason it very well may be great to eliminate or disable the interaction.

1. It Can Make Your PC’s New businesses Moderate

In case you’re searching for approaches to speed up your PC’s startup, disabling cycles that consequently start when you boot your framework is the route forward.

This is the reason disabling the Acrotray.exe may be great since it in every case naturally begins running behind the scenes with each PC startup.

2. Channel On central processor Combined with It Not Being Utilized Frequently

A few clients have announced that it isn’t valuable as a foundation cycle except if you use it consistently. In the event that you don’t utilize it routinely, you should simply disable the cycle to save computer chip assets and make your framework quicker.

The interaction without anyone else ought not be a computer processor asset hogger however the malware rendition can here and there cause high computer chip use mistakes.

Instructions to Disable The Acrotray.exe Interaction

These three different ways are numbered in the request for ease at which the interaction can be performed.

1. Utilizing Undertaking Chief To Disable The Acrotray.exe Cycle

The principal thing you should do is guarantee that Undertaking Chief is running on Administrator advantages. Here’s the way to do that.

  • Utilize the alternate route keys (Windows + S) to get to the Pursuit include.
  • Information the content – Errand Director.
  • At the point when the query items return, right-click on Undertaking Supervisor and pick Run As Administrator.
  • At the point when Errand Chief opens, explore to the tabs near the highest point of your screen and snap on Startup.
  • At the point when the Startup menu opens up, look for Acrotray and right snap on it when you discover it. In the popup menu, select the alternative Disable.
  • Picking this choice ordinarily implies at whatever point you fire up your PC, the Acrotray.exe will not be beginning too any longer.
  • Check to affirm if the cycle isn’t beginning. On the off chance that it actually is, proceed with the interaction by following the orders beneath.

2. Disabling Utilizing Administrations (To Be Utilized If The Above Cycle Doesn’t Work Out)

The reasoning behind this route is to set programmed startup cycles to manual. This will just improve the primary way you previously attempted so it is significant that the route above is attempted first before this one.

  • Here’s the means by which to go about it.
  • Open the Run window by using the alternate route keys (Windows + R).
  • Enter this content – services.msc.
  • In the Administrations menu that will open up, you’ll be required to change the settings of two administrations.

Adobe Stunt-devil Update Administration

  • Explore to this assistance and right-click on it.
  • Pick Properties in the popup list and in the Overall tab under Properties, explore to Startup type.
  • The setting you’ll see there is programmed.
  • Snap on it and change it to Manual.
  • There will be different choices accessible to clients like Postponed Programmed Start or Complete Disable.
  • Pick Manual as prior trained.

Apply the progressions you’ve made and click on alright to finish. At the point when you’re set, move to the following help.

Adobe Real Programming Trustworthiness Administration

  • Explore to this help and right snap on it.
  • Pick Properties in the popup list and in the Overall tab under Properties, explore to Startup type.
  • The setting you’ll see there is programmed. Snap on it and change it to Manual.
  • There will be different choices accessible to clients like Deferred Programmed Start or Complete Disable.
  • Make sure to pick Manual.
  • Apply the progressions you’ve made and click on alright to finish.
  • This joined with the main way ought to guarantee Acrotray.exe administration is disabled at new companies.

Utilizing Autoruns To Disable The Acrotray.exe Cycle

In the event that for reasons unknown, the above ways didn’t work out and you saw that the Acrotray.exe interaction actually fires up at whatever point you boot your PC, this next way ought to be utilized to ensure it stays disabled.

What Autoruns is about is permitting clients admittance to the entirety of the applications and cycles that startup with Windows at whatever point it is booted. What is GSvr.exe? Is it Virus or Safe to use?

This apparatus will truly help in ensuring you disable the Acrotray.exe cycle and it may likewise help clients in sorting out other applications and cycles that don’t should be associated with Windows startup to decrease your PC’s startup time.

  • You should initially download this apparatus on the off chance that you don’t as of now have it.
  • Here’s the means by which to download it and afterward use it to disable the applications you need to disable.
  • The initial step is downloading Autoruns. You can do that by utilizing this connection.
  • Whenever you’ve downloaded the instrument, use WinRAR (or simply double tap on the document to open it) to remove the record from the download.
  • At the point when you’re finished extricating the document, open it.You will see the Autoruns executable Autoruns64.exe.Right-click on the executable and in the alternatives that spring up, select Run As Administrator.

At the point when the instrument is open, utilize the Channel choice (discovered near the highest point of your screen) to rapidly explore to Acrotray.

Note: Acrotray is additionally exactly the same thing as Aerialist Assistant.

At the point when you discover it, uncheck the container on the left half of the name.

With this, you’ve taken Acrotray.exe off the list of cycles that will naturally begin when next you boot up your PC.

Acrotray (or Gymnastic performer Assistant) is not destructive to your framework however rather assumes a fundamental part in Adobe Tumbler. It guarantees the updates, warnings, and record changing highlights work easily.

Clients can choose in the wake of perusing this article on the off chance that it merits leaving or disabling.

However long you need its capacities, I’ll advise you

Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Missing Issue


Ultimately, we trusted that now you realize how to experience issues identified with acrotray.

In any case, we might in any case want to remind you again that you should initially check if the executable is genuine or a virus before you choose to make any move against it.

Having said that, we reach the finish of our guide acrotray.exe eliminating guide.

We are cheerful that we have furnished you with all the data and arrangements you expected to experience this issue.

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