What is the best type of housing for you?

Homes come in many shapes and sizes. Some are large enough to host guests, some are tiny homes that fit the minimum, and some are on wheels for those that like to get up and go whenever they please. When deciding where to live, it is an incredibly important decision, in which it is important to get it right.

After all, a man’s; or women for that matter, home is their castle and where you decide to live can impact many things from the quality of life you have to where you can find a job and what schools your children will go to.

So, whether you’re looking to upsize, downsize, buy your first home or even look for something a little outside the box, there’s some things to consider when making the big move.

A tiny home

Are you looking to live a more simple life with less clutter and belongings to worry about? Perhaps you want to live mortgage free and not be tied down by debt. On the other hand, if you live alone then you may want something small enough to manage without feeling lost in the space.

On average, a tiny home costs around $50,000, making it a far cheaper way of living if you’re looking to increase your savings and reduce your debt.

A custom fabricated Quonset hut

Looking for a cost-effective way to build an extra space outside your home? Whether you need some space for guests to stay or you are looking for more storage, the Quonset-hut home kit is the perfect way to create extra space in an effortless, quick, and inexpensive way.

A bamboo house

As eco consciousness is now on the minds of many more consumers, bamboo is cropping up as an alternative material for many household items, from bamboo toothbrushes and utensils, to clothing fabrics and Tupperware. Yet did you know it can also be used to build your home itself?

While farming timber can cause a lot of disruption to the earth, using bamboo is much more sustainable and kinder on the planet. Not only this but well-constructed bamboo homes are said to be able to better stand up to hurricanes and earthquakes, making them an ideal solution for danger zones across the world.

An apartment

Sometimes, an apartment can be a better option for your needs over buying a detached property or a condominium. An apartment can be owned but is usually on rented ground, meaning that often there’s a groundskeeper to maintain the outside of the property and take care of any structural issues.

This can be ideal if you’re looking for a buy to let property or you will be using the property as a second residence. The reduced maintenance and added security means it will be easy to up and go when you need to, with peace of mind that your property is in safe hands.

A shipping crate home

If you’re into more unusual designs, then a shipping container home may be just what you’ve been looking for. While they may not look like much to begin with, shipping container homes can make an impressive structure if you use the right designer.

Similar to a tiny home, shipping containers offer the same amount of size but are a more ecofriendly option as you are recycling an already created structure and therefore reduce material waste. If you’re looking to be even more eco-friendly, consider adding a rainwater catcher and solar panels on the roof too.

Overall, deciding on a place to live is not a decision that you should take lightly. However, by thinking practically and starting with your needs over wishes, you’ll be sure to find the ideal home in no time.


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