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What is the Difference Between Plan A and Plan B


If you are in USA and qualified for the medicare plan then usually you are facilite with the Plan A and Plan B in which you get enrolled for first time. The medicare plan A helps to pay your hospital expenses on the other hand the medicare plan B will help you to pay your doctor’s visits, lab tests, supplements, medical equipments and preventive services. For consulting about choosing the medicare supplement plan you may concern with Medisupps for better advices.


What is Medicare Part A

Medicare part A is actually the insurance of the hospital. It usually covers the hospital inpatients expenses, experience nursing care, limited health care services and hospice care. For plan A you usually need to pay coinsurance, deductible, or copayments.


What is Medicare Part B

The medicare part B is the advance of the part A it usually covers the medical expenses. In the medicare part B following things can be covered.

  • Doctor visiting fee
  • Preventive services for example screenings and lab tests.
  • Pneumococcal shots
  • Flu shots
  • Counselling of Alcohol
  • Mental health services
  • Physical therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Durable medical equipment i.e. wheelchairs
  • Diabetes screening, self therapy management and supplies.

This is just a glimpse. The plan B covers a lot of things and has many items and different services. But for using all services there are few rules you need to follow. Such as the services provider should agree the service or item you need is necessary for you.

In the medicare part B you have to pay the 20% for the medical approval for using the specific item or service. The deductible will also apply.


Do You Need to Pay for part A premium

Actually the people in many states don’t pay for the premium part A. Such as you are working in a company for 10 years and also paying the taxes. You don’t need to pay for the premium part A. If you are working for less than 30 quarters then you need $458 per month in 2020, I don’t know what will be charged in 2020. If you are between 30 to 40 quarters then you need $250 per month.


Do You Need to Pay for part B Premium

If your monthly income is more than a certain amount. The certain amount is based on your income tax for the last two years. If your income is higher then of course you need to for the premium part B. The price of the premium part B is fixed and standard price is $144.60 per montin in 2020. What price will be in 2021 is not confirmed yet.


Can You cover both part A and part B at same time?

If you are hospitalized in hospital then you can use part A and part B at the same time. For example you are inpatient in hospital and you have surgery then in this situation of course you have to base on both part A and part B. 

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