What’s Next for the Smartglasses Industry: Why Healthcare is the Next Frontier for XR

Smartglasses are a new wearable technology that keeps changing and improving the interaction between humans and computers. It changes how we share and use our gathered data in daily life activities. There are wearable devices, such as sensors that monitor blood pressure, and smartglasses that are improving the healthcare industry in various ways such as EMS.

Most healthcare practitioners can now access their patients’ health data seamlessly in real time from anywhere. Diagnosing and treating a patient from a distance leads to improved access to quality health care. XR changes the approach to traditional healthcare training. It enables learners to practice anytime and anywhere in VR scenarios with virtual patients. 

The Future of Smartglasses Industry

The Smartglasses industry is revolutionizing healthcare by enabling doctors to connect with their nurses remotely. Smartglasses, along with augmented reality, lead to greater efficiency. These glasses will allow the wearer to update or keep up with work easily and more efficiently. 

Since the smartglasses first appeared in the market, the journey has been smooth. At first, the chunky designs and early-stage AR functionality limited its practical applications. However, several major brands are now competing to be the best to offer practical, affordable, and stylish wearable tech.  

Several companies now have smartglasses that give users a total AR visual. Users can now receive notifications such as calendars, weather imaging, and stocks on their smartglasses. The future of smartglasses is evident as the industry keeps growing. There have been an increasing number of companies making their wearable solutions. 

Soon, there will be smart lenses that can adjust and change their refractive ability in response to a software-controlled electric current. The smartglasses will give room for prescription adjustment at ease. This eyewear will be able to adapt or change to various wearers by enabling them to any prescription. In years to come, smartglasses will only grow more powerful and sleeker.

How Smartglasses Technology works?

Smartglasses technology enables users to have hands-free close access to the internet. The implementation of this feature helps to improve maintenance and increase quality control. It allows the glasses to provide reliable and faster solutions and facilitate remote assistance work. 

It combines AR technology (Augmented Reality Technology) into a wearable device. With this device, the user can access and view the internet via voice control. These individuals can listen and view information anytime without interrupting their day-to-day activities. 

Smartglasses are an innovative technology that helps to remove the need for healthcare practitioners to be physically present at all times. This technology enables doctors to give patients efficient and timely care irrespective of location. Although smart glasses are technically telecommunications devices, they help to improve the productivity of health practitioners. 

The innovative technology enables medical professionals to reduce their patient wait times. It allows doctors to expedite treatment, thereby leading to improved patient outcomes. 

Smartglasses help to open new opportunities for several healthcare applications, including eye doctors. It can help utilize technology to treat patients more effectively such as in medical surgery procedures

These devices also have a microphone enabling users to interact with the glasses. There is haptic feedback at the side of the glasses for manual operation. 

How Can XR Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry?

Extended Reality Technology is a term used to encompass AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality). XR (Extended Reality Technology) is the future of the healthcare industry. It also refers to technologies that blend the digital and physical worlds, enhancing human experiences. 

The immersive technology market is growing out of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is reaching a new point of large-scale production in the public domain and healthcare sectors. XR will restructure the belief about who provides the care and where healthcare should occur. It will enable healthcare to extend from the general medical facility into people’s homes.

XR in healthcare creates some impactful use cases such as therapeutic treatments, which led to the early adoption of XR in the industry. The following are some of the benefits of XR that place the healthcare industry in the frontier extended reality:

Vein Visualization

XR is a technology that helps overlay a map of veins on the patient’s body to enable medical professionals to find veins more easily. Research shows that vein visualization technology has a 98% accuracy in helping clinicians find veins. 

Enhanced Medical Training

XR’s innovative technology provides enhanced training for medical students. It gives the students an immersive first-hand view of medical procedures. XR improves the quality of medical training by enabling the students to step into a virtual representation of actual medical surgery procedures. 

Improved Consultation

Adopting extended reality in healthcare helps to improve consultation between patient and physician. XR enables doctors to have consistent communication with their patients. It also offers several services, such as pulse examination.

Healthcare is the Next Frontier for XR

Today, the healthcare industry faces various challenges, which include enhanced patient care and staff shortages. XR is a technology that brings the healthcare industry into the light of more advanced and improved care. Due to XR solutions, patients can now receive advanced care and precise surgeries. XR solutions also enable fluid interaction between patients, professionals, and a simulated environment. 


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