When is the Best Time to Put Up a Christmas Tree?

Cozy fires, neatly wrapped gifts, and stockings hung by the chimney with care— Christmas is a season full of warm feelings, generosity, and festivities. One of the central symbols of Christmas is a Christmas tree. You may be counting down the days until you can put your tree up, but you may also be wondering when you should put it up.

Christmas Enthusiasm

Are you one of those people who can’t wait to get your tree up and decorated? You’re not alone! If Christmas is your favorite time of year, you probably can’t wait to dive right in and start celebrating, but sometimes, you will have to hold off on your excitement to wait for when the season comes into full swing.

Does it Matter When I Put Up My Tree?

In some cases, it does matter when you put up your Christmas tree, but no one can stop you if you want to have a Christmas tree in June! But people certainly have lots of opinions about when it’s acceptable to put up a tree and even when you should take it down. When you have a real tree, timing is more important because trees only stay good for so long before they start to brown and lose a lot of their needles.

Traditional Christmas Decorating

In Victorian times, people often didn’t put up their Real Christmas trees until the very last minute. In fact, for much of history, putting decorations up too soon was bad luck. Therefore, people would often wait until just a few days before Christmas to put their decorations up. Some people even waited until Christmas Eve! Of course, these traditional views have evolved as people have adapted how they celebrate Christmas.

Even in 20th century America, many Christians still waited until a few days before or Christmas Eve to put up their trees, but times have changed. Commercialism has ushered in earlier Christmas tree sales, and the Christmas season now starts right after Thanksgiving with the Black Friday shopping rush.

What’s the Most Popular Time for Putting Up a Tree?

There are several popular times to put up a tree. Generally, people will put their trees up anytime between Halloween and Christmas, but it’s more common to either wait until after Thanksgiving or until after December has started. Some people wait until 12 days before Christmas, while others wait until Advent has begun. Most people don’t like to wait until right before Christmas anymore because it gets so busy, and they like to enjoy their trees for longer. If you’re going to buy a tree, you might as well enjoy it as long as you can!

Christmas Tree Traditions and Religion

Religious considerations and family traditions play a huge role in when people put up their trees. For example, for many Christians, Advent marks the start of the Christmas season, or many families have a tradition of getting their tree the day after Thanksgiving. You can stick to old traditions, or you can make new traditions. It’s up to you!

Consider Your Schedule

Think about when the best time to get or decorate your tree may be. This can help you determine when you should put it up. If you get busy at a certain time during the season, it’s probably better to get your tree either before or after.

It Could Improve Your Mood to Be Early

Studies suggest that people who put their trees up early can better their mood. That doesn’t mean you have to put it up too early, but it doesn’t hurt to put it up at least a little early.

Decorating can even change how people see you! Research from the Journal of Environmental Psychology showed that people who decorated the outside of their hime tended to seem more friendly.

Any Special Holiday Events or Parties?

If you have any holiday events planned at your home, you’ll want to make sure you have your tree up and decorated by the time you have your event, so that may influence when you put it up.

Will My Tree Go Bad If I Put it Up Right After Thanksgiving?

Many people are concerned that if they get their trees too early that their trees will go bad before Christmas. Fortunately, with proper watering and care, a freshly cut tree should last throughout the whole season, even if you put it up right after Thanksgiving. The key is making sure you keep water in your tree stand. It also is important to avoid your tree being around too much heat, so LED lights and keeping your tree away from fires are smart.

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