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Why is it Important to Protect your Eyes from Blue Light Exposure?

Lately, blue light is a recurrent topic to talk about, regarding the potential dangers it may cause to our eyes. Therefore, it is essential to regularly visit clinics and studies that offer proper eye care advice.

What is the Blue Light?

 The blue light is part of the visible light, the spectrum that the human eye can perceive. This light is issued by some natural sources, such as the Sun, and it also comes from artificial sources, such as electrical devices. Overall, a 25% of the white light is, actually, blue light, a natural component of the light.

Rays of different colours, being blue amongst those colours, compose the light that our eyes can perceive. The colours we perceive are the result of the reflection of a

longitudinal wave over a surface and the absorption of the rest. Let’s say that, if we see the red colour, it is because its surface reflects the longitudinal wave in the colour red while absorbs the remaining colours.

Blue lights are not the same then UV rays, as these rays are not visible to our eyes.

Why is this Blue Light Dangerous for our Vision?

Inside of the blue light spectrum, there is a wide range of blue tones, which have different waves, not being all of them dangerous. Below I offer some insights regarding the effects of the various blue light tones.

Watch out Those Screens

If your vision is exposed to artificial light sources, your retina may suffer the consequences. The visible light from LED lights, and the mobile devices screens, as well as tablets, computers and so on, are extremely dangerous for our vision. Their use has increase year over year. On top of that, we are used to playing with devices at a very short distance from our eyes, which make double the degree of exposure.

Protect your Eyes from those Devices

Other Associated Pathologies

To sum up, having good and healthy habits are key if you are dealing with these sources of blue light, as their effects, in the long run, might be lethal. It may be worth for you to work on a daily routine that enables you to take on short breaks to protect your vision from potential damages.

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