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Why the use of dynamic QR codes is great for distance learning?

From the pen and paper means to the use of projectors and digital learning materials, the education sector is off to a new start in delivering quality education to 21st-century learners.

Since the use of technological means to upgrade the educators teaching means is challenged with a pandemic that continues to hinder today’s education means, distance learning has become the suitable mode of learning.

But as distance learning is deemed to be the safest way in teaching students while slowing the rise of COVID-19 cases around the world, executing successful distance learning prompt is can be a struggling task for educators.

To solve the issue in executing successful distance learning setup, the use of QR codes is introduced to the education sector.

What is a QR code?

A Quick Response (QR) code is a barcode-readable piece of wireless technology that is usually embedded in machine accessories, pamphlets or flyers, magazines and more to store additional information that the space provided can’t handle to store. QR codes are categorized into two types, static QR codes and dynamic QR codes.

Static and Dynamic QR codes together store information for the public to scan and view with their smartphones. But in terms of presenting visually appealing QR codes in paper, the use of dynamic QR codes is recommended.

Aside from that, users can take control of their dynamic QR code’s data by tracking its scan results and updating its stored information right through console.

Why the use of dynamic QR codes is great for distance learning?

As QR codes are deployed to make technology experience easy yet exciting, the use of dynamic QR codes can provide educators effortless information sharing prompt to their students. Aside from providing easy information sharing means, here are five notable reasons why the use of dynamic QR codes is great for distance learning.

1. You can update the data anytime

The use of dynamic QR codes allows educators to update their QR code information without the need of generating new set of QR codes. Because of this, teachers can always correct some data error with their learning materials without changing the QR code that they use to store the data.

2. You can track how many students have scanned the code so far

As measuring the success rate of their distance learning is important for teachers, the use of dynamic QR codes can help give the data needed with its tracking features. Through this, the teachers will know how many students have scanned the code and in what time are they scanning them with the help of its scan tracking categories such as timeline of the scans, location, and OS of the device used in scanning.

3. Embed files and other type of media.

Since giving out tests and worksheets are now digitized, teachers are reserving their cloud storage space for the digital materials they need to share to their students.

But as granting access to your cloud storage file is can be tedious work to do, the use of dynamic QR codes can become a better file sharing alternative for distance learning.

As dynamic QR codes can store files and other types of media, teachers can inject the use of them in storing worksheets, and other learning materials.

4. You have full control of your QR code data

Unlike the use of static QR codes, dynamic QR codes can give you full control of your QR code data where you can update or completely change its input without the need to ask the QR code generator’s help in accessing them.

5. It is economical and ideal for long-term usage

Dynamic QR codes can actually help teachers to save more money in the long run. As they just have to update the QR code information in their learning materials, they will no longer have to create new sets of QR codes for the same type of data to send and be scanned by their students and just announce to rescan the code if there are changes made to the information.  Because of that, teachers can use dynamic QR codes for the longer duration of time.


With distance learning as one of the technological learning prompts introduced in the Digital Age, today’s educators are employing the use technological tools like dynamic QR codes to create an easy information transfer mode and technology lessons to their students.

But as the pricing on dynamic QR codes varies, selecting the QR code generator with logo to create your dynamic QR codes for distance is important to get the most out of your QR code needs. Adding a technological touch in learning is fun when you spend wisely spend for them.

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