Workers’ Compensation Claim Management

Workers’ compensation claim handling “best practices” are frequently mentioned, although they are never defined or linked to the standards set by the insurance sector. Here is a summary of the fundamental guidelines on how the insurance adjuster does Workers’ Compensation Claim Management.

The Best Practices


The first thing an employee’s health adjuster does is confirm the coverage by looking up the policy number, coverage dates, and policyholder name.

Point Of Contact

Within 24 hours of the claims being submitted to the claims office, the adjuster speaks over the phone (or in person in the case of serious claims) with the enterprise, the individual, and the treating physician. An informative discussion with the employee, employer, and doctor’s office constitutes proper contact, not merely leaving a voicemail or mailing a letter.

In addition, a recorded statement from the employee is required in cases there is doubt about the compensability of the claim or when subrogation may be possible.

Moreover, the adjuster must ensure that the first medical visit includes medical restrictions on a Work Ability Form (or something similar). The claim will probably become lost if the data is not gathered during the first medical appointment.


Within 14 days of making a claim, the adjuster answers all concerns relating to coverage, compensability, subrogation, the level of injuries, and benefits.


After the 3-point contacts are finished within 72 h of the claims being reported, the preliminary file reserves are typically set. After the adjuster receives the initial medical data, the funds are checked for accuracy.

A reevaluation and adjustments to the file reserves are the consequence of any additional medical data or other information that affects the claim’s worth. The funds must be verified for accuracy every six months of severe claims if the file is active for a long time.


The workers’ compensation adjuster is aware of the injury’s nature, origin, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment strategy, and status of the return to work provided by the attending physician. The adjuster organizes the nurse case manager’s involvement in serious claims. The adjuster sends the claim to wireless carriers and uses medical management to determine the best specialty and provider for confusing claims.

If appropriate, the adjuster (or nurse case manager) gives the treating doctor the data they need for pre-certification and utilization review. The adjuster must ensure that the medical costs are given to the supplier for processing if the adjusters use a costly medical review company to confirm correct billing.

Injury Prevention

The business needs to establish a culture of protection. This type of culture permeates the entire organization and begins at the top. Data is used to do this. It entails routinely analyzing each injury, mishap, and possible issue to determine what went awry and how it might have been avoided.

Companies should encourage staff to report near-misses and safety issues without worrying about repercussions or being punished. Companies may wish to set up an anonymized mechanism for collecting complaints, which may be anything from a toll-free amount to a specific email account to a feedback form. They may also assign a non-supervisor or third party to accept the complaints.


Facilities for manufacturing and recycling that prioritize safety and accident avoidance are well aware of the importance of Workers’ Compensation Claim Management. For example, if an employee is hurt, actions can be taken to reduce the person’s recuperation time and the overall claim expense.

James Vines

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