PS4 WS 37337 3 Error: How to fix the issue?

Are you experiencing error code WS 37337 3 in your PS4? Are you bored of trying different solutions? You’re not the only one. The problem is that the majority of PlayStation 4 error codes are typically not accompanied by an explanation to help troubleshoot the system.

Most of the time, PlayStation error codes come with a clear explanations that can aid gamers in troubleshooting. However, this is not always the case.

Certain error codes, like errors that are related to the account getting suspended may be unclear. What is the duration of your account suspended? What is the extent of the ban? Questions similar to these could be provoked by these error codes.

In this post, we’ll be reviewing what causes the PS4 WS-37337-3 error code the causes,, and possible solutions you could attempt.

What is mean by the WS 37337 3 error code refer to?

Simply put simply, the error code indicates that your console won’t permit you to access the Playstation network as your PSN account is suspended. The error message could be like this: your account being blocked or suspended temporarily.

In most cases, Sony will send an email to the email address you used to register on the PSN account, explaining the issue and explaining how long the suspension will be in effect for. But, you are able to call to Sony in the event of confusion. In the event that your account is blocked and you are unable to use PSN or play game online, or all digital content or merchandise that you bought will remain inaccessible.

Your account could be revoked or suspended due to a variety of reasons, including a violation of the PSN conditions of service or code for conduct. It could also be due to or a failure by your bank to cover the cost of your PSN subscription or Sony might be suspicious of suspicious activity on your account.

What Causes of WS-37337-3 Error Code on PS4?

Your PSN account could be temporarily suspended due to two reasons. If you’re seeing the WS-37337-3 error One of the following 3 things is not correct:

1. Violation of PlayStation Network ToS (Terms of Service) or CoC (Code of Conduct)

When you sign-up to sign up for an account on the PlayStation Network account, you have to be able to adhere to your Terms of Service, which are established by Sony. We realize that most people don’t have the time or the desire to go through the legal jargon in the PSN ToS, but that does not mean you can’t violate the rules.

Infractions to Sony’s Terms of Service are taken seriously. Any violation or all of them even it’s not intentional could cause an immediate or permanent account suspension.

A console ban could be imposed in more serious situations. It will be impossible to utilize the PS4 console to connect to the PlayStation Network using any PSN account that has been blocked.

The Community Code of Conduct (CoC) is also part of the ToS Any infraction to the CoC could result in the suspension or ban.

If, for instance, you’ve been reported as being abusive or harassing another user or a player, your account may be suspended or even banned. Infractions to or infractions to the ToS or CoC frequently could lead to a console ban.

2. Failure to Pay Due to Bank Issues

If you’re in the process of making a payment that hasn’t been completed or completed, your PlayStation account could be suspended temporarily. Payments that are late for subscriptions or transactions are not accepted by Sony.

If you’re not able to access PlayStation Network because of to an WS-37337-3 error message make sure you check your bank to determine what you are owed by Sony any money.

3. Sony Suspects Fraud

If Sony suspects a takeover of their account or purchase that is not normal the account could have to be suspended temporarily while the conduct an investigation.

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How to fix the WS 37337 3 error?

There’s nothing you can do as this WS 37337 3 error is result of the suspension or ban imposed by Sony. However, you are able to test to figure these issues.

Check your email

The first thing to do when you see this error notice is to verify your email. Sony will have provided you with an email outlining the situation and providing reasons for your account to be suspended or banned and the precise amount of time that your account was suspended.

Go through the Terms of Service or the Code of Conduct

If the email message does not satisfy you, then it is recommended to read the conditions of service or code for conduct to identify which you broke that caused the incident that led to your suspension.

Check your bank

Another reason that could be behind the error could be that your bank has failed to charge the money required to extend you PSN membership. In such instances, make sure to check with your bank to determine if your account is active and there’s no issue at the bank’s end. It is also possible to by hand renewing the subscription.

Try another console

It’s an excellent idea to check if you are able to connect to your account via a different console or mobile device. If it works there, you can simply quit your console, then log into your account. This will fix your PS4 WS 37337 3 error.

Reach out to Sony

Although suspensions and bans on accounts are permanent and cannot be appealed, it is possible to get in touch to Sony to discuss problems with renewals or anything else that does not indicate poor faith on your part.


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