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Youtube Starts Testing Ad pods for back to back skippable Ads

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Youtube Starts Testing Ad pods for back to back skippable Ads


YouTube is now testing Ad pods by which now you can get two skippable ads back to back. According to the recent announcement by Google this feature will enhance the user’s experience. Now you can watch videos on YouTube without any interruptions. Till now, YouTube is presenting Ads in the starting as well as in the middle of the videos.

This feature is certainly a lot annoying for its users answer even distracting. When YouTube was launched, people started using YouTube because there were No Ads at that time like other TV channels. But now the scenario is completely changed. Now you get a lot of Ads on YouTube and this has become the most targeted Ads platform.

According to Google, it will lead up-to 40% fewer Ads interruptions in future. This feature will be available on desktop first and then it will be followed by mobile and TV.

Youtube Ad pods testing-google


How this feature can lead to Longer Viewing Sessions

Today, you see a lot of Ads in between the videos. If the Ads breaks are 2-3 in a movie then it is not annoying. But if there are 20 Ads breaks then it is going to annoy you certainly. So to curb this, Google is launching this feature in which you you will be shown 2 back to back Ads which will be skippable and then there would be no Ads in between the video.

Keeping in mind longer viewing sessions, Google launch Bumper Ads, which is very popular on YouTube today, 2 years earlier. And it worked.

According to Google blog, Today users watch over 180 million hours of YouTube on TV screens everyday. So we can understand how the viewing trends are changing among users. Last month, Google also TV screen device type in Google Ads.

According to the screenshots shared by Google, user will get a notification to watch the 2 back to back Ads for fewer or no constrains in the video later.


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