YouTube: the main metrics to optimize your content

If you apply the video marketing strategy for your brand, you should know that having an optimized YouTube channel is a fundamental pillar to enhance your online presence.

Most people who watch YouTube videos are lazy guys. They usually don’t like to be the first guy to comment. If a video has no prior comment, then they see no reason to make a new one either.

So they leave it without placing any comments. And that is why you need to purchase some Relevant comments so these people feel encouraged to make comments.

Therefore, before you go to buy YouTube comments, make sure you are buying them from a highly reliable site.

Having that said, the key advantage of purchasing YouTube comments include.

  • Higher ranking
  • Better engagements
  • and Social Proof

You see, when a video gets enough views and likes, YouTube starts increasing its ranking.

How important is video marketing to your business? How much time do you spend studying new positioning trends on  YouTube? If the answer to both questions is “a lot,” then this blog post is for you. Whether you are a YouTube channel or not, today I show you 4 tips to improve the positioning of the videos you upload and thus advance your career as a  YouTuber.

Definition of Video Marketing

Video marketing is a way to promote the products or services that your company offers. You will be able to write headlines, content and generate videos with the appropriate tools to carry them out. The benefits are several: it captures the attention of the audience; manages to send massive messages  (and thus get many visits); creates a positive brand experience; And of course, it allows your company to stand out from the competition. 

The tools for creating videos are varied, but choose the one that best suits your business objectives. If you already have a YouTube channel, the video production tools you can get are Camtasia Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Final Cut. 

If you just want to produce the videos with your smartphone you could use a video editor for smartphones like Filmora and also download Adobe Premiere. 

What are YouTube metrics?

Metrics, as the name suggests, are units of measurement. In the world of digital marketing, they are also known as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). There are different tools to measure KPIs, but first, you must know what to measure and why.

What YouTube Analytics allows you is to know if your content strategy is working. If the answer is negative, you are always in time to correct the course to obtain better results. It is likely that at first you are overwhelmed by so much information and you do not know how to analyze the data. For this reason, below you will find which are the YouTube metrics that you should focus on if you want to grow your channel.

The 4 most important YouTube metrics

Visits or views

When you are in the statistics section of your channel, the first thing you should look at is the number of visits. It is the easiest metric to see and understand since it indicates the number of times each video was played. However, it must be clarified that the platform counts as a visit only if the user spent more than 30 seconds watching your video.


Continuing with the previous point, it reflects the average time in which users spend watching the video as a percentage. To analyze this metric, you must bear in mind that it is not the same that a video has a duration of 2 minutes then 15 minutes. The longer it lasts, the more difficult it will be to hold users’ attention. 

To make it a bit more difficult, YouTube ranks better for long videos and, of course, more views. Well, consider that if it is long and has many views, it is because the content must be of quality.

Although you can also look out for services from where you can buy YouTube likes, comments, and views, and even subscribers. And these services are legit in their own ways and can provide a good impact on your channel.

The recommendation is that you use this metric to evaluate your reach. If you’ve made a 15-minute video, but only had a 20% retention, you could try something shorter, less than 10 minutes, to reach a higher percentage. 


The CTR (click-through rate) counts, also in percentages, how many impressions of the videos are transformed into visits. An impression is given each time a user views a video thumbnail. If you decide to enter, it becomes a visit.

Briefly, we leave you 3 tips to improve this metric:

  • Use an eye-catching title.
  • Design an attractive miniature (those with people measure better).
  • Check the sites where the video appears (that are related to the topic of your channel).


Although this is not a metric itself, because it is not indicated by numbers, it is a very important piece of information. It is about knowing where the visits that each video has come from. 

The views can come from within YouTube, from the home page, notifications, or subscriptions. But they can also come from outside: web pages, social networks, or blogs. Knowing where users came from to see your video will help you understand your audience.


Video marketing is an excellent way to take advantage of the attraction that videos generate to promote your products or services.  Make sure the keywords are present in the title and description, including subtitles to enhance the experience.

Now that you know what the main YouTube metrics are, go ahead and put them into practice and tell us in the comments what else you would like to know about the subject. 

James Vines

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