5 Best Texture Sofa Fabric Designs for 2023

While the years 2021 and 2020 were subtle and graceful, 2023 comes with a vibrant and upscale, chic look.

This year, the decor trends would be high-end yet sustainable. We won’t get to witness furs but suedes and leatherettes would rule the decor space followed by silks and satins with a tinch of prints to cover up for the one colour tone. More so the focus in this space would lie more on accessories that would spruce up the liveliness of the apartment. 

Check out the sofa fabric catalogue with the price of the Freedom Tree home store that brings along a wide range of exclusive upholstery fabric.

Let’s take a deep dive into what’s in and what’s hot this year with the best texture sofa fabric designs. The trend would be relished for years to come as it has got a checklist of all the best deals from luxury to conscious living

  1. Conscious living with linens : Standing on the number one stand is the linens that have over the period made peace with a combination of other sofa fabrics to gel well. With subtlety settling off and minimalistic coming in, what’s staying with us is sustainability. Linens were always considered a part of the luxury family for its high maintenance and  that what comes with value comes with quality, style and endurance.
  2. Signature Prints in silks: Get your act together and experiment with signature prints in silks and strike the right cord. But remember, too much can be confusing. Make sure, the fabric is just as much as it is required to be and yes, placement and the type of sofa is important to consider.
  3. Leather Loyalist it’s time to cheer: Leathers have their own charismatic effect. Reminiscent of the modern renaissance, leathers are back with a colossal edge with the grained texture sofa fabrics and bulky sofa sets.
  4. Tweaking with the tweed upholstery: The tweed, an exquisite texture sofa fabric design resembling the calmness and a feeling of tactile comfort can create a luxurious yet dramatic effect to the space.
  5. Swaying with Suede and velvets: The suede and velvets were always a patriot of the sophisticated family of the upholstery. But, thinking of vibrant essence, they can be in fusion with satin cushions in warli prints or an adaptation of a heritage print.

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