Attain Desired, Lasting Results through Professional Weight Loss CounselingIn Virginia


Weight loss counseling takes into account the mental and emotional health issues that can hamper weight loss. Dr. Rohit Suri of Nova Physician Wellness Center provides weight loss counseling in addition to other evidence-based weight loss procedures to provide you with the finest, long-term outcomes possible. Dr. Suri has extensive knowledge in obesity medicine and understands that your thinking, desires, and eating habits can greatly affect your weight management effectiveness. Discover Ashburn and Fairfax weight loss counseling by arranging an appointment through mobile or scheduling online.

What Does Weight Loss Counseling Entail?

Weight loss counseling may assist you in identifying mental and emotional health concerns that interfere with your weight control. Adjusting your exercise and eating practices, understanding, and ideas could help you manage your weight effectively, as well as lead a healthy lifestyle.

To achieve optimal outcomes, Dr. Suri adds weight-loss counseling or behavioral therapy into your weight loss regimen. He provides personalized exercise plans, diet counseling, physical and medical tests, among other services.

You begin with a detailed consultation with Dr. Suri to explore your general approach to existing eating habits, food, and nutrition knowledge. After that, Dr. Suri assists you in determining which behaviors are detrimental to your weight-loss attempts, such as habitual sugar munching.

What Exactly Are Trigger Foods?

Trigger foods are foods that make you overeat or binge. These foods elicit cravings and, in many cases, an emotional attachment to that specific food. Dr. Suri works with you to identify innovative strategies to control these trigger foods. These include using cognitive skills to shun them at social gatherings, removing them from your house, and substituting them with a better meal option.

Dr. Suri aims to enhance behavioral treatments, nutritional counseling, and awareness to assist you in developing a knowledge of particular trigger foods. Staying mindful means being proactive and concentrating on what you are eating and why you are eating it. Mindfulness exercises help you tune in to your brain’s natural satiety and hunger cues.

With time, subjecting oneself to enticing and harmful meals might significantly improve your thinking and capacity to reject.

What Precisely Is Medically Assisted Weight Loss?

Though exercise and diet programs may provide short-term success, most individuals end up regaining weight. With medically managed weight loss, you can expect long-term outcomes that are achieved safely and gradually.

Dr. Suri of Nova Physician Wellness Center prepares a personalized weight loss strategy for every patient, depending on specific criteria. These include one’s age, health history, lifestyle, and objectives. He will assist and guide you each step of the way to lose weight and discover how to manage it in the future.

What Kind Of Results Should You Expect From A Weight-Loss Program?

When it comes to the rate at which people lose weight, everyone is unique. It is primarily determined by your beginning age, weight, and how well you adhere to the diet requirements. Under the supervision of the board-certified obesity medicine specialists, however, you can anticipate attaining your ideal physique efficiently and safely.

Nova Physician Wellness Center aims to assist you in losing weight and enhancing your general health. To determine how weight loss counseling can help you achieve your weight and body goals, make an appointment through mobile or use the online scheduling tool.


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