How To Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Error Quick Fix

You will usually obtain the SIM not provisioned MM#2 error when you have a brand new phone with a brand new SIM card or when you’re trying to transfer your number to a brand new SIM card. This kind of problem on SIM cards can also be caused once the mobile network provider’s server is unavailable. This usually occurs when trying to register a brand new card to the network whenever no communication to the network is available. If this happens even if the SIM has already been previously registered to the network then you may want to have the SIM card replaced. Listed here are the troubleshooting steps that you’ll require to do to fix this particular problem.

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What is ” SIM not provisioned “?

I’ll cover that in a minute.

First, I have to mention that provision mm2 error does not have anything to do with your phone model or operating system. You are able to likely get this error on Android or any iPhone as well.

Now, let’s see what does it mean ” SIM not provisioned ” and the main reasons for SIM Not Provisioned Error.

” SIM Not provisioned ” basically means your SIM card is not tied to your account.

  • When you yourself have transferred the number to a brand new Sim card ;
  • In the event that you got a brand new cell phone with a brand new or old Sim card ;
  • The company authorization system is temporarily unavailable;
  • Perhaps you are outside your carrier coverage area without existing roaming agreement.

The most typical basis for ” Sim not provisioned mm#2″ is because your Sim card is suspended by the company, not activated, or isn’t found by the smartphone.

In fact, if you merely bought a brand new Sim card (new account or distinct service), then you definitely are most likely to see this error. You might need to activate the SIM according to instructions supplied by the mobile operator.

Activation also needs to work if you do not want to or can’t utilize the old SIM in the newest phone. If this can be a replacement device for an older phone, you only need to move the old SIM into the newest phone.

If your Sim card is not brand new and was working fine as yet and then suddenly started giving this error , it could be one of those options:

  • Your Sim card is dead (if it is too old) – you will need to replace it;
  • Sim card does not have proper experience of smartphone pins – you will need to clean then reinsert it;
  • Your company deactivated the Sim card when you transferred the number to a brand new Sim card.

There might be a number of other cases, but the most typical reason is the Sim card is inactive. Have at heart that your service providers are the only one that will deactivate or activate the Sim card. So this really is not a thing that you can certainly do without their assistance.

What is the “SIM 1 Not Provisioned” error?

When you are using a dual-SIM phone, then a ” SIM not provisioned ” error also shows a SIM card number.

Each SIM slot has its number; the principal 4G LTE SIM is usually in slot 1, but it could not often be the case.

In the event that you start to see the ” SIM 1 not provisioned ” or ” SIM 2 not provisioned ” error , it means that only among the SIM cards is having an issue.

What is ” SIM Not Provisioned mm#2″

Provisioning is really a term from the Telecommunication industry. SIM card (subscriber identity module) is employed to identify the subscriber account.

So, carrier provisioning service to the subscriber is in fact provisioning service to the SIM card.

Therefore, ” SIM not provisioned MM#2″ ensures that the SIM card no more features a line (service) attached to it.

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What is ” SIM Not Provisioned for Voice”

” SIM not provisioned for voice” means that your line was disconnected from the account. Quite simply, because the SIM card represents the account (not your cellphone or tablet), it means that the phone line is no more attached to the SIM card.

This may happen in the next cases:

  • When you yourself have ported the number from another provider;
  • If the company rolled back some changes and accidentally detached the line from your account;
  • The company authorization system is temporarily unavailable.

What is “Phone Not Allowed for Voice”

Message “Phone not allowed for voice” is practically the same as ” SIM not provisioned for voice “.

More and more smartphone users are reporting this error lately. Message SIM not provisioned for voice is most common among Google Fi and Google Pixel phone users.

However, you can find samples of this error on other carriers and smartphones, including those using a so-called eSIM built-in.

Here are the steps you might try to fix ” SIM not provisioned for voice” depending on the symptoms:

  • Sim not provisioned for voice msg and the icon appears, but the phone works OK, calls in and out work fine. In cases like this, disabling of Fi VPN or rebooting the phone (restart) will make the message disappear;
  • You can order a brand new SIM card from Google Fi;
  • Perform a factory reset of one’s Google Pixel phone. Your files and data will soon be lost, so ensure to backup everything first.

How Do You Fix SIM Card Not Provisioned?

5 Solutions How to Fix ” SIM Not Provisioned ” Error :

  • Reseat the Sim card ;
  • TopUp Your Phone;
  • Report Phone as Lost/Stolen;
  • Contact the Carrier or Network;
  • Port The Sim to a New Service Provider.

I’ll explain how I solved the SIM card not provisioned error on Android and iPhone, step by step.

Let’s dive right in.

Solution 1 How to Fix it: Reseat the Sim card

Sometimes the issue might not be together with your carrier but with the device or Sim card itself. Even although you haven’t opened the device or touched the Sim card recently, it may happen so it moved slightly and has poor experience of the device circuits.

Few general SIM card precautions:

  • Keep carefully the SIM card dry and clean;
  • Avoid touching the gold contacts;
  • Don’t bend, trim, cut, or modify the SIM card at all;
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or strong magnetic fields.

To ensure that your SIM card is inserted correctly and has good contact, try the next steps:

  1. Turn off your phone or tablet;
  2. Open the SIM lid or the trunk cover, depending on the style of your device. Every smartphone opens differently, so double-check the manual when you have not used it before. Usually, a paper clip or perhaps a SIM-eject tool will get the job done;
  3. Locate the SIM lid or SIM holder. For some devices, you need first to eliminate the battery to reach the Sim holder. Check this guide on how to locate the SIM tray on iPhone.  If unsure about the precise iPhone model – first check what iPhone do I’ve;
  4. Pop-out your SIM card from the phone. After ejecting the sim , work with a soft rubber pencil eraser to clean the gold SIM card contacts. Then work with a soft cloth to wipe away any eraser residue, oils, and dust gently;
  5. Put the SIM card back in your phone. Make sure to insert it fully. Reassemble the unit and turn it back on.

Given that you properly inserted the sim , see if your phone gets service – meaning the situation with SIM not provisioned is solved. If not , move onto the next section.

Solution 2 How to Fix it: TopUp Your Phone

Sometimes adding a $1 to your account may trigger something provider to provision your account (and your SIM card) again. Now restart your phone and see if the ” SIM not provisioned ” error has gone.

Some operators use GSM (2G), and some use LTE (data or LTE calling) for voice calls. If your phone is configured to LTE only, change to auto 4G/3G/2G AUTO which means that your phone will automatically switch between 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE.

Solution 3 How to Fix it: Report Phone as Lost/Stolen

This solution is sometimes more convinient then your top-up method, since it does not involve spending any money. So here’s things you need to do:

  • Try reporting your phone lost utilising the customer self-service online portal. Go through the lost/stolen button to suspend your service, then log out.
  • Await a few minutes, sign in and then report the device as found – resume your service.
  • Finally, reboot the cellular phone to start to see the magic at the job – fixing the ” SIM not provisioned ” error has never been easier!

Solution 4 How to Fix it: Contact the Carrier or Network

Sometimes most of the steps mentioned above fail to solve this ” Sim not provisioned mm#2″ problem. The only solution left because case is to contact the service provider’s customer support.

Whenever you contact your service provider, they’ll either:

  • Activate the Sim card if there isn’t any issue; or
  • Provide you with a new Sim card just in case they conclude that the prevailing one is faulty.

Each carrier requires a phone call or a trip to its webpage to start the process. Whenever you call, tell the client service representative that you will be obtaining a ” SIM not provisioned ” error on the phone.

Here are some contact numbers and websites of major US carriers to get you started:

  • Verizon: Call 800-711-8300. If you’re employing a completely new SIM card , the card is going to be activated by calling 877-807-4646 from any phone.
  • Sprint: Call 888-211-4727 or take up a webchat. Note: Sprint’s network operates on CDMA technology.
  • AT&T: To solve ” SIM not provisioned ” call 800-331-0500. Alternatively, on their website, you can start the SIM activation process in the section “I’m ready to activate my SIM or eSIM “.
  • T-Mobile: Call 877-746-0909 or take up a webchat.
  • Boost Mobile: Call 888-BOOST-4U (888-266-7848). Note: Boost’s network uses CDMA technology.
  • Virgin Mobile: Call 888-322-1122. Note: Virgin’s network operates on CDMA technology.
  • Cricket Wireless: Call 800-274-2538 or take up a webchat.
  • Metro PCS: Call 888-8metro8 (888-863-8768).
  • U.S. Cellular: Call 888-944-9400 (for 3G  SIM cards) or take up a webchat. Hours: 07:00 am to 10:00 pm CT. Note: U.S. Celular’s network operates on CDMA technology.
  • Straight Talk: To solve the ” SIM not provisioned mm#2″ error , call 877-430-CELL (877-430-2355).
  • Republic Wireless: To solve the ” SIM not provisioned for Voice” error , no need to call them. Simply refresh activation by dialing *#*#8647## from the Phone app, while connected to the WiFi.

Even if your carrier isn’t listed here, the steps to get support and solve the ” SIM not provisioned ” error are usually the exact same:

  1. Call the organization;
  2. Go to its website;
  3. Or visit a store.

Solution 5 How to Fix it: Port The Sim to a New Service Provider

I’ve to claim that this is actually the last resort that may bring you some additional benefits and even savings.

Suppose you’ve already tried all listed methods and failed to fix your SIM card. In that case, it’s time to consider switching to another mobile carrier.

You can port your existing contact number to a fresh service even without leaving your home or office. Apply for the best possible deal online, and usually, you will end up able to get an improved deal on your mobile plan.

Sometimes the ” SIM not provisioned MM#2″ issue takes too long to fix with the existing service provider. So the only thing left is to move to another service provider where everything works well for us.

I’d like to know what worked for you?

Jessica Fletcher

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