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Cook To Your Heart’s Content

Sometimes in life, you go through situations that you can not control. They might make you happy, they might make you sad. They may even leave you frustrated. However, the main thing is to stay focused on your goals and maintain your peace of mind. It is said that every cloud has its silver lining, and it is that glimmer of hope that we must hold on to.

If you feel like you are too tired, taking up a hobby is beneficial for many people. Cooking Madness is a therapeutic task that can not only make you happy but get work done too. I would like to introduce to you a brand new cooking game of 2020, Cooking Crush! This cooking game is jam-packed with amazing recipes and delicious finger-licking food graphics that will entice your palate every second you play!


Cooking Crush was developed by Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. Co-founders of Flowmotion, Dario Pavan and Ryan Yada, have been developing exciting new games for their fans since 2014. However, they have really hit the mark with this one! Cooking City employs all the tactics used in an actual running restaurant. Full of hustle and bustle, the in-game restaurant has shifts of customers coming in for a filling meal. Their order can range from a crispy toast with coffee to a pizza pie, depending on the type of restaurant that you are cooking in.

Concept and Variety

The game allows you to play and cook in 11 different kinds of restaurants, each specializing in a certain type of food. The restaurants are:

  1. Crème Café
  2. Dream Deli
  3. Salty Taverna
  4. Party Parlor
  5. Rockin’ Diner
  6. Crazy Cantina
  7. Donut Den
  8. Tandoori Treasure
  9. Perfect Pie
  10. Cake Corner, and brand new
  11. Canadian Restaurant

The game is updated regularly so be sure to expect upgrades and new levels. So far, you have more than 1150 levels to play, right at your fingertips. You can serve up your customers orders and leave them in awe as they taste your heavenly food.

The World Is Your Kitchen

Be Happy

Dario Pavan and Ryan Yada believe that happiness comes to those who seek it. Everyone deserves to be happy. Hence, they have made Daily Happiness Challenges or Happiness Offer Wall for their players. They will practice simple acts like smiling, deep breathing and being thankful. These quick meditative challenges are rewarded with in-game cash, and real happiness. The money earned through Daily happiness challenges can be used to purchase various products and items that will help in the restaurant, like decorations and utensils.

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