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Drop the Weight: Your Ultimate Diet Drop Guide

Are you looking for a good way to drop your weight?

Weight loss methods opened up a lot of possible approaches. The basic advice of a balanced diet and exercise still stands strong but there are those that seek other ways to shed weight. Among these methods include diet and fitness fads that vary in its effectiveness.

One method stands out as a safe and effective way to lose weight. In this case, we pertain to the diet drop. We will look at how diet drops work, as well as some tips regarding usage and some recommendations on what to try out.

Time to take some notes as we learn about diet drops.

The HCG Diet

The diet drop is basically a hormone called HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin. The body produces this particular hormone during pregnancy. Because of this, it’s also used as a marker in home pregnancy tests.

This hormone is usually for treating fertility issues in both men and women. Although it also has its applications in weight loss.

How this works is that you couple the HCG intake with an ultra-low-calorie diet. The diet should be around 500 calories per day. This means that you should choose your meals well if you want to go through the day without any discomfort.

Meanwhile, HCG intake would be through injections. Another approach would be through its various products, such as pellets or drops. With this combination, you can lose weight as your body burns the fat.

How HCG Works and Functions

By design, HCG signals the woman’s body about the pregnancy. Due to this, it will make its preparations.

Among which include the regulation of estrogen and progesterone production. These two are vital hormones for embryo development. HCG production will then decrease after the first three months of pregnancy.

How it helps in losing weight is that it boosts your metabolism. In this case, it will help in burning fat without you feeling hungry. It also helps by decreasing appetite and reducing the cravings experienced while conducting the low-calorie diet.

Diet Drops and Recommendations

By now, you might be curious about the recommendations. Of course, injections would seem a bit more intrusive. This doesn’t help matters for those who don’t like needles at all.

With that said, the way to go for this is to take diet drops. There are some recommendations to keep in mind, though. Consider the following before proceeding with the whole diet plan.

Diet Loadout

Let us start with the type of food that you should go for. First, remember that this is a low-calorie diet. This means that you won’t be eating much at all as you need to consume up to 500 calories.

In terms of meals, you have two per day. One for lunch and one for dinner.

For the meal composition, make sure to have one source of protein. Also include one vegetable, one fruit, and one bread.

For protein, go with broiled or grilled veal, beef, and chicken breast. You can also go for seafood like white fish or shellfish like shrimps, crabs, and lobsters. As long as you do not eat any of the fat you see on these proteins, these sources should be good.

Vegetable choices would include spinach, chard, beet greens, chicory, tomatoes, and celery. You also have red radishes, onions, cucumbers, green salad, asparagus, and cabbage.

With fruits, go for an apple or an orange. A handful of strawberries would also do the trick. If you plan to go with grapefruit, go with half per meal.

A breadstick or a piece of melba toast would fit the carb requirement. You can also go for a boiled potato for a quick and nourishing carb component.

Hydration is a vital point, which allows you to take in as much water as you want. Tea and coffee also work great for this setup. For milk, you can have up to 1 tablespoon per day.

As for sweeteners, go for sugar substitutes instead. Butter and oils are off-limits. This is because their calorie content is high enough to break the diet.

Effort Level

Now, the thing with this setup is that it can be a high-effort program. It will need a lot of dedication to stick to a strict diet like this one. It might also need some weight loss supplements as well to get the needed vitamins and minerals.

Before going for this type of diet program, you might need a doctor’s guidance to know how to approach this. This form of weight loss would work best for those with obesity and high blood pressure, but it would need proper and strict supervision from a doctor to avoid any form of complications.

For Those With Dietary Restrictions

The HCG Diet is open for everyone, although it may prove to be daunting for those with diet restrictions. For vegetarians, the inclusion of extra skim milk would act as an alternate protein source to make up for not getting the needed protein levels from meat.

For vegans, this is not a recommended diet program due to the involvement of dairy products. It is also not a gluten-free diet.

Suggested Diet Drops

To start this list of suggested products, you can start with these weight loss drops from HCG Warrior. These work great as you take on the diet program and come with a guaranteed weight loss without much exercise. You can shed up to 29 pounds in 27 days.

Other brands that come to mind include BSkinny, Official HCG, Naturelza, and Bio Origins. Whichever you pick among these, make sure to take note of what you eat and to stay healthy.

Shed Weight with the Diet Drop

The HCG diet drop offers a natural solution that works wonders when combined with a low-calorie diet. This would also mean a strict approach as you need to watch what you intake. Make sure to have water nearby to stay hydrated.

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