How Do Instagram Auto Likes Work & Are They Safe to Buy?

Buying Instagram likes or followers is not a new concept. It is something that has been around for quite a while now.  Even to the point that when you see, or hear  an influencer bought followers or so, you won’t be surprised anymore.

However, Instagram autolikes are the newest best digital product that you can buy that will both help and harm you if you only mess with just one aspect of buying.

If buying just the normal likes may be but just a little bit of negative results, buying auto-likes could have far bigger consequences when you don’t time it right.

However, if you are to time it and find the perfect way to buy Instagram auto likes could really be the biggest catalyst in growth as an influencer or a business on instagram.

In this article, we will talk all about how instagram auto likes work and if they are safe to buy.

And how you can determine how often and how many you should buy.

Let us get started

How do instagram auto likes work

Auto likes on instagram or on any platform you buy for works the same way as it sounds.  You buy likes and they automatically arrive on our account.

This saves a lot of time from you if you were going to buy likes for every post singlehanded.  In fact, the buying of likes are all about saving time when it comes to growing your account fast.

Buying auto likes is just the way to automate that. So, in a sense there is not much difference between buying likes and auto likes.

As we know, buying likes has been safe. The  only time when it is not safe is when you overbuy it.

By overbuy we  mean providing your posts with nothing but bought likes and bought engagement. This is good sometimes to boost it and increase the overall number or balance the average engagement you get.

But more often than not, if you only have just the bought likes they do nothing but harm.  Although this might seem obvious, many people still keep doing this.

The best strategy with likes and auto likes overall is to find out what amount is safe to buy.  If you have per se, a thousand followers, you should have at least 100 likes on each post. Right?

But you usually don’t have all the people following you liking every post. Which means you are less likely to get 100 likes organically every time.

This is when likes should come in. to make for the number of likes you did not receive. Which means you will need to calculate how many are missing and order that amount.

However, you receive less on a regular basis, then buying auto likes will be how you do it.

Are they safe to buy

When we talk about how you calculate we have quickly mentioned that if you buy a certain amount that is safe,, you won’t have much of a negative result.

But some people might even wonder if it is actually safe to buy likes in general. Buying in and of itself is safe, it gets a bit more dangerous when you buy from shady platforms, and or boy bots.

There is a way to distinguish if what you bought came from bots or not. We will go over it in just a while.  Meanwhile, you need to learn to stay away from shady platforms.

Those platforms are easy to spot. You need to chat them up and ask just a few questions, or write an email. Depending on how they reply you can easily find out who is standing behind those platforms.

There are times when you buy some followers and they turn up to be inactive ones. If this happens you should not really be discouraged because inactive accounts usually are better than bots.

Because, if they follow you, the algorithm will think of it as a signal to the importance of your content and page. Even though they don’t usually engage.

Despite it all though, it is  best to make sure you are buying from a platform that is truly safe, and can be trusted.

Do you research and find platforms that truly give you the best service and talk to you in an honest way. seems to be one of those platforms that don’t shy away from telling the truth  about the quality of their digital products.

Because they sell both the bots and the real accounts, and you get to choose what you are getting. All you need to do is to just drop an email or a hello on the chat to ask specifically for it.

How often should you consider buying

Once you find the platform that is both safe and not a dangerous one. You should start buying likes for the posts that you lack a bit of likes or organic engagement.

The number we gave earlier was just a rough estimate, we will stop at this topic in the next chapter in more detail.

But you need to understand that buying should not be a one time deal. It should either be a regular exercise or nothing at all.

Because once you buy likes and send them to your post, they will not bring any further engagement on their own, you  will need to do the same over and over again onto the posts that need it.

On top of that, posting new content and constantly working on improving your content should also be one of the main goals if you want to become successful on Instagram.

The better the content the more successful you become. In fact, great content guarantees you success on any platform. It’s just that people are not willing to stick with it.

So, buying likes  regularly can help not only with balancing out the ratio of likes to followers, but help you get noticed faster.

When it comes to the regularity of buying likes or followers , you should look into each post and understand which ones need likes which don’t.

In most cases, having an automatized regular order of a few decimal numbers of likes to hundred is a good idea if they drop as soon as you post.

They will just be serving as a propeller to the  algorithm to push it even further down the recommendation line.  They should not be more than the organic you get.

What should be the ratio

If you are buying likes or followers, or be it auto likes, you should be careful as to not order too many. This is one of the golden rules.

Of course you don’t have to pay attention to this rule if you’re one of the Kardashians and have hundreds of millions followers, in which case regardless of how many you buy it all seems like it is not enough.

But if you are just a struggling instagram or a business account owner, then you might want to calculate and take every step with caution, especially when buying likes.

The most  important aspect of buying is just buying in smaller increments but on a regular basis and onto each and every post with an immediate appearance.

Of course immediate appearance is not quite a must, but it should come just when the other organic likes are about to come. That  way,  you will make sure to sort of placate the algorithm.

The ratio should be at least 1% to 10%. It cannot be more than 10% because even accounts with only real followers, don’t have that many people engaging with their  instagram profiles.

The more the better for the algorithm but if you overdo it and have say 80 likes on a post with only 100 followers, you will only end up making the algorithm jealous.

Also, one more trick that  most people don’t know about is when you buy likes autolikes, ask if the platform can provide the likes from the followers you already have.

Of course if your followers are 100% real and only your friends, there is no platform that can make humans like that.

You will probably have to buy followers from one of those platforms as well, but the idea is even if you may have to buy followers, that they will be coming from the people who follow you.

This will show to the algorithm that the people who follow you don’t just sit around and observe but also engage with you and are interested in your content.

This means your content is interesting and likely to be interesting for other  people too.

To Wrap up

In conclusion this piece, we can say that buying likes work and are safe as long as you find a safe platform, that  is.

Finding a safe one is not easy, as you will have to do a thorough research and spend quite a bit of time, which we have already done for you. So there is just one company we can recommend which is

Again, you still can do your own bit of research in terms of the platforms. When it comes to understanding how safe they are or how often you should buy, or even the ratio of auto likes; there are just these few things you need to keep in mind

They are safe !

Auto likes should be considered when you want to push your posts a bit further and create engagement on a regular basis

And you should never have more than 1% of your total followers like your posts. You should let the algorithm decide which ones are more likely to get viral while which ones are not at all.


James Vines

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