6 Real Estate SEO Tips for Local Clients You Should Know

Lets become known to an open fact, over 90% of house-buyers prefer screens to buy lands or properties. And if I suggest to you the fascinating land somewhere, wouldn’t you search online about its whereabouts and insights? You’re not alone, others follow suit too.

So whenever it comes to a website you need to be highly vigilant to stick to the strategy which is more fruitful.  For real estate the competition of surpassing competitors is not going to be at pace anytime soon. Therefore to go with the flow of SEO while still standing out is more like a demand. Want to know those simple yet powerful SEO tips for tackling local clients in real estate business? Off you go!

 Keep the SEO Audit in Mind

The first and foremost tip that you should apply is the SEO audit. The SEO audit is something that readily helps you to know what those pages on a website are doing extraordinarily well. Certainly those pages have been filled with accuracy. With the audit you can improve, enhance and make positive changes. Mainly the SEO audit would assist you in five things;

  • Site structure such as XML sitemap, robots.txt, redirects
  • Content structure such as keyword and link placement, visual elements, duplicates, redirects, and canonical tags
  • Page structure such as Titles, Meta Descriptions, Heading Tags, Alt Tags, and URLs
  • Links such as, Outbound and inbound links, interlinking with other pages on your site, broken links
  • Usability such as Mobile-friendliness, website speed, accessibility

Optimization for Lucid Search

Another SEO tip for local real estate is to make each and everything optimized, independently.  Make a clear strategy to tackle each and every possible issue and for that a systematic plan would serve you the best not to neglect anything. Also you should have a guarantee have improved optimization inside out that includes;

  •       Redirects
  •       Schema
  •       Robots.txt
  •       Broken links
  •       XML sitemap
  •       W3C validation
  •       SSL certificate
  •       SEO-friendly URLs
  •       Image optimization
  •       Content optimization
  •       Site speed optimization
  •       Keyword research and analysis
  •       CTR and bounce rate optimization
  •       Optimization of titles and Meta descriptions
  •       Proper outbound and internal link placement

Long-tail Keywords

Did you know that long-tail keywords are as important to real estate as the need of a website? If you want to make your website and real estate business more worthwhile for local clients, never forget to incorporate relevant long keywords that are the quarries of your searchers. When it comes to properties, people are pretty specific so you aren’t you. Instead of targeting houses for sale, go for lavish houses on sale in (area).

Think of Google My Business and more

For local clients, you need to make your website available and accessible easier. Target Google My Business and don’t forget to update your profile as well. For more engagement and viewers attraction take help from videos, images and media that can be helpful in any way.  Besides, there are thousands of other directory websites where you can list your real estate business. To name a few;

  •       Yelp
  •       Manta
  •       RedFin
  •       Zoocasa
  •       Angie’s List
  •       HomeSnap
  •       Whitepages
  •       Yellow Pages
  •       Yellow Pages
  •       Yahoo Homes
  •       Merchant Circle
  •       Better Business Bureau
  •       CitySearch NeighborhoodScout

Get Out Of the Box

When you have a website, think of every possible way to get more traffic, audience and related potential buyers as it can be. While talking about local real estate SEO you may not prefer social media as it doesn’t “directly” add to the business.  Standing out like LeadzExperts is possible only if you think more creatively.

However, if you are on social media, it can prove to be a powerful marketing strategy as it widens the exposure, builds trust and authority, generates conversion and attracts visitors that you call traffic. When you are putting effort for all this on your website why not take help from social media?

    Help your Visitors to Become Buyers

Don’t go too far when it comes to putting strategies of SEO. Think of a user’s perspective and help the quarries by putting informative blogs, FAQs and related questions. Also make the testimonials visible and highlight your past efforts to enhance trust. You can take SEO insight by other realtors and related businesses. Try to make your content as local as it can be so that users can relate.


James Vines

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