Ideas to amp up your hotel revenue management strategies

Revenue management has become a watershed element for running a successful hospitality institution. Revenue management is the systematic distribution and pricing techniques that hotels and other businesses use to sell commodities to the right audience at the right time. This is one of the best ideas for hotel business to skyrocket its revenue. A lot of goods or services can be a part of this strategy.


Hotel accessories such as linen are usually included in the list of commodities.Wholesale towels are used for such purposes. Amenities such as food and beverages are also included in this, a lot of times. Revenue management is completely based on the paying capacities of the consumers and the regional demographics. These demographics are analyzed over a period of time and the demand and supply of the hotel rooms are supervised. Based on these calculations, revenue management ideas for hotel business are curated.


The best ideas for your hotel business:


  • Analyzing and forecasting your budget: It is extremely important for hotels to have a budget plan. This plan should be made for shorter durations and should not be static. A budget plan should always be dynamic and adapt to change, whenever required. Regular analysis and revision of your budget will stop you from exhausting your money reserve and will help you in cost-cutting if need be. Wholesale towels are bought by hotels and sometimes even sold to the customers as a brand this is a great way to generate revenue.


Towels that are bought in bulk are budget-friendly and after increasing the profit margin, they can be great sources of revenue. Buying your commodities wholesale can be fruitful in the long run. Such practices are budget-friendly and do not dig a hole in your pocket. Saving costs in some areas can help you invest the saved costs to fix other areas that are in desperate need of attention.


  • Run a competition analysis: This is one of the best ways to keep track of your progress. A competition analysis allows you to compare your services with your rivals or other hospitality institutions. It is important to note that not every hotel is your competitor. There are certain parameters that you can use to choose a potential rival.


These parameters include the number of rooms, room types, size of the property, number of services, customer ratings and testimonials, and so on. Once you identify your competition, you can run a comparison, check their current pricing strategy and, update your prices accordingly. You can also strive at improving your services if your competitor is doing better than you in a certain area.



  • Customer segmentation: Consumer segmentation is the simplest, yet most effective trick of skyrocketing the revenue of your hotel business. Targeting all segments of customers is not beneficial for your hotel business. Attracting the right set of audiences, instead, can work wonders. One of the most effective ways to categorize your audience is by their reason for travel. These reasons include family holidays, weddings, relaxation, business trips, and so on.


Another important basis is evaluating their habits. This will include factors such as kind of rooms, facilities, desired location, and so on. Other than these two factors, there are numerous other factors that can be considered by hoteliers to customize and optimize their services and commodities to target a particular set of audiences. This way, you can strategize to make more revenue through them.

The idea is to provide your customers with an overall experience and not just a few loose services. The customization will attract them towards your hotel business and in turn, help you generate higher revenue. It is a trial and error method. The best way is to generate higher revenue is to execute strategies on a small scale, in the beginning, and if they are successful, take them to the top.

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