Megapersonal – All You Need To Know About

What is Megapersonal

Megapersonal is a dating site that sells itself as an app that helps single people to find love. They claim that their app has the expertise, the technology, and personalized matchmaking capability to find their new significant other. Megapersonal was founded in 2013, so there is not a lot of information on this website. However, from what has been shared by its founder on his website and social media accounts it seems like this is a legitimate site with a good business plan. This article will take a look at the claims of this app, as well as the clear business strategy and marketing of Megapersonal. To start, we will discuss what people say about their success on the site.
The founder, Michael Sayman, is experienced in marketing and has worked for several companies in the past. This includes a negative experiences with online dating sites that left him feeling brokenheartedly cheated. He wanted to fix that and create a dating site that is not misleading or deceptive. This is the clear evidence of a copy&paste app that does not have enough resources to give people the best experience.

All his experience can be seen on his website and social media accounts – he uses a lot of qualifications and marketing claims in order to get people to join his site. This can be seen from the following statement shared by Sayman on his website:

“We believe that our app will be different than other dating apps… Our innovative application will provide you with the best dating experience on the market.”

According to this statement, people can find love, while they are on the app. This is not true and can be seen from the following facts:

Users cannot take a picture of their potential partner. The only images of their profile are through pictures taken by their friends or family members. When looking at the pictures, it is very hard to see how people look like. According to the rules of the app, people can only add their best friends to their potential partner’s list. This is against the philosophy of the site, since it is exploiting people for money.

The other problem with this is that there are no filters in the app. This means that a person might get matched to someone that they would have never thought about dating before. They are forced to start interacting with this person and engage in communication. Since this is a copy&paste app, the chances of communicating with bots are very high.

It is easy to become frustrated with this site and to immediately delete the app and give up on it. According to the founder, there are many people that do that every day. If someone wants to get a response from their potential partner, they need to pay money. This will allow them to see that person’s photos and messages or voice in a video call. It means that people can start knowing each other even before they meet in person.

The founder of Megapersonal has used alot of marketing in his platform and other social media platforms. He compares this app to the Tinder dating app. He says that Tinder is a copy&paste site and that he will create new features and qualities that will make it better than any other dating site out there.

Megapersonal APK

The APK file of this app is available on the official website. People can click on the download button, link to the Google Play store and find it using a search bar or simply use this link: . They can then download it and install it for free, without any extra costs in their mobile device. This will allow people to create a profile and start using the dating app for free.

This Android app is available for any Android device, old or new. In order to download it, people will need wifi or internet connection on their device. They can use it on a smartphone, tablet or even a phablet.

The Megapersonal app for Android is compatible with the most recent version of the Android operating system, Nougat 7. Android users have the option to choose between two version of the app – medium and large. The first one is 2MB, while the other one is 4MB in size.

The medium version of the app has all the basic features that people need to use this dating app. It is an application with a very simple design and easy to understand functionality. People can start exploring their potential matches, sending photos, voice messages, and advanced messaging through this app.

They can do all of this without any wait time or extra costs. This is why Megapersonal is a free dating site and an app.


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